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That lazy guy that Nathan should just ban from his site, banging on again.

09 Apr 2016
@ 07:28 am (GMT)

chris mooney

I took my old uncle for a drive, to see his younger brother in his rest home. Along the the way uncle remon nah remembered stuff. He told me how he had bought that farm, and there was an old bloke living in a shanty against the barbary hedge. He went over to reassure him that he could stay on as long as he liked, and soon realized that he was the bloke who had spent 3 years digging a drain for his dad, my granddad, many years before. The old bloke got sick and passed on before uncle could talk to him again. Uncle went on to tell me that my grandad loaned his pistol, a 6 shooter, to this bloke, so he could get meat. This Swiss bloke nearly always came out of the bush with a pig, and often a pig and a deer. My uncle asked if he could go along and learn how to hunt, at 10 yrs of age. Heres how he did it. Walk into the bush a wee bit and sit down and listen, untill all the birds have started squarking again for some time. Then move on about about 100m and sit down again, do this over and over and the time for the birds to accept you gets shorter. Pigs cannot keep quiet, and if the wind happens to be right deer are often surprissed. The old guy would often work his way up to within 10m of a buch of pigs, holding a fern branch in front of himself, several times without getting a good shot. Each time he got close, it got easier, the pigs accepted him. The supermarket is by far the best bet for me, l don't need to take chances that l may wound an animal or another hunter, the time and effort that old guy put in for his bassic needs inspires me.


09 Apr 2016
@ 10:08 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: That lazy guy that Nathan should just ban from his site, banging on again.
Yes . Luckily for the old guy. He didn't live in a low wage economy with gst. Power bills cell phones and web interslave distractions? He wouldn't have needed a special license for the handgun and many other things and places have changed since then. It's not possible to foot hunt deer and be able to sell it legally anymore. Have a think about what you need to spend to organize and get away from the FatRace to enjoy some hunting. Only to have it ruined by a Million dollar helicopter climbing a face in 2 minutes shooting deer and whisking them away quicker than it took you to put your boots, pack n rifle on lock the wagon and stash the keys. We're the modern Red Indian. I'm sadly convinced that well fade away into history. And just as Captain Janeway could not believe that we tested atom bombs in the air! Our futurecesters will wonder why we struggled and bothered to hunt for food when it was provided in big flash pig$ trough$ down the road. They'll never watch the sun rise whilst listening to the dawn chorus glassing a face for Bambi or his porky friends? We're witnesses to the beginning of a new age?
10 Apr 2016
@ 06:20 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: That lazy guy that Nathan should just ban from his site, banging on again.
hi Chris i have heard about sitting down once you get into the bush and let the birds start singing again before you start hunting.
one bit advice that still rings in my ears every time im stalking, IF YOU THINK YOUR GOING SLOW ENOUGH HALF YOUR SPEED.

warwick i was talking to a mate the other day about if he will bother getting a kroa permit (kaiangaro forest) we have been hunting it together for years but in last couple years its been hardly worth it, few years ago it was great for training pups or thou the pigs are hard to catch and sleep at 30km/h they are that fast.
there was always heaps of pigs to chase, it was always action packed with dogs jumping minimum 6 times a day and chasing them for miles while you might be trying to cut them off in the ute with more dogs or a rifle.
but now you can go for a whole day without the dogs even seeming interested, things changed when the ownership change with a crown settlement and different rules for different people. permits went from free to $50 dollars to so 50 times roughly 4000 permits issues changes things to


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