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Nosler to Introduce New Bullets

31 Oct 2012
@ 04:33 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Nosler will introduce some new high BC Accubonds called ALR in the spring 2013. The two 7mm's will be a 168 gr-bc-.652 and a 175 gr -bc-.672. A 9 twist barrel will stabilize both bullet. There will be a 6.5, 270, and a couple of 30's. You have to find them on the Nosler forum. Sounds interesting. They claim that the bullet will mushroom as low as 1300 fps.


31 Oct 2012
@ 06:34 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Nosler to Introduce New Bullets
Thanks Jim, bugger, another manufacturer missing the point. The trouble with a mushrooming projectile (at low velocities) is that it still cannot impart wide wounding because disproportionate to caliber wounding is absent. At low velocities, wounding is proportionate to caliber or more accurately- proportionate to the expanded diamter of the projectile. In other words, if a 7mm bullet expands to a half inch, the wound will be a half inch in diameter.

To effect wide wounding at low velocity, the projectile must fully fragment.

Seems such a wasted opportunity, all of those resources at hand, a great bullet shape, bullet weight and BC, machinery, tooling- all let down by a poor understanding of terminal ballistics. I expect more from Nosler. They seem to not understand how even the Partition works, just that it does and perhaps looks good in ballistics gel. Nosler should understand terminal ballistics far better than myself, having been around a lot longer than me.

The only saving grace will be if the Accubond loses some of its font core as other Accubond bullets do, the AB has a weaker bond in the ogive than other bullet designs. The new AB's will no doubt be good out a bit further than present AB designs due to velocity retention (keeping the bullet above 2400fps), but mushrooming at 1300fps is missing the point.

Very sorry for ranting but it is a shame. Thanks for keeping me informed Jim, I am very grateful.



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