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Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55

31 Mar 2016
@ 03:31 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Hello all - someone recently asked if three rifles were enough. Apparently, for some of us (me), the definitive answer is a resounding "No".

I have the opportunity to pick up a Swede in either one, or both, of the following configurations. The problem is, I don't know enough about the Swedes to make an informed choice. I've read a bunch of articles on Google, but it is really only basic information.

My questions are: Are the CG and Husqvarna a solid action worthy of building a long range shooter on? The CG's date anywhere from 1898(?) to 1920. The Husqvarnas are 1943 - 1944. Both have the choice of matching or non-matching bolt/receiver numbers.

Both variations come with a choice of Soderin or Elit diopter sights mounted. If these are removed, do the drilled holes interfere with mounting Weaver style bases?

Is the bolt face diameter a concern? Being .007" larger than a standard '06 case, am I limited to the original Swede case? Can the bolt face be opened up to accommodate a larger base diameter?

These rifles were supposedly "target" grade, and range from "shot out bore" to "+very good". Barrels being barrels, it is not a concern if one has to be replaced.

Some are fully enclosed with wood, one has an "extended" hand guard.

There is no mention of trigger mechanisms. Are they the standard Mauser style?

Any help on use or information for custom builds is appreciated, even opinions. Thanks.


31 Mar 2016
@ 05:35 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55
hi Paul.
life's to short to own one gun eh? ha ha.
a lot going on here but ill do my best.
husky's start off with a model 96 which is a cock on closer mauser, then move to a standard mauser action (might be an fn action) then they made there own version of the mauser, then made a push feed action. and finally i believe the sold all there tooling to zoli after they stopped making rifles and zoli now makes there own version.

i probably wouldn't build on the 96 version but it has been done.

i wouldn't worry about bolt diameter, i can't remember if its the 6.5x55 or 7x57 that can be made out of 30.06 cases anyway.

the triggers are normally of mauser style the timney list all the variants so that should be easy enough.

i would not butcher a full wood one, occasionally you can get a husky target rifle, which looks like a sporter with a heavy barrel, this would be my pick but be aware some might be single shot converted.
husqvarna and the swedes were very good engineers plus as a neutral country they never had the issues of trying to produce mass numbers.
i will one day get my hands on a nice husky myself but maybe in 9.3x57 or 9.3x62 or 30.06 depends on whats around at the time
31 Mar 2016
@ 07:01 pm (GMT)

Peter Bjerregaard

Re: Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55
Hi Paul,
Of course you need to own a Swede. Nathan owns a nice old Swede and has written a lot about them in his books and in here. Do a search.
Until then here are my two Swedish öre. The Carl Gustafs and Husqvarna 's you mention are M96 Mausers, same rifles build at two different factories. (You'll see the Huskys marked as M38, but the receivers are the same, only military sights differ). Used to own a sporter target conversion CG from year 1900. Old diopter sights removed, no interference with weavers. Trigger is basic Mauser military two stage, easily replaced.
Mine shot 0.5 MOA no bedding, original barrel. Quite amazing. For a build? It's a classic, iconic looks, but remember a few details. Magazine length is 82 mm. Cock on closing. Not the strongest nor the best gas handling action. Good steel but if you want to run it at high pressures it's best to know the history of the action. If it goes bang, Nathan states it goes bang with dignity partly based on observations on my old rifle. I'm more of a M98 fan now.
31 Mar 2016
@ 07:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55
Hi Paul, the main considerations are that the action is of a smaller receiver diameter than the M98 and the mag box is shorter. The gas handling (no flange at the bolt shroud) and third lug are not evident either. In this regard, if you want to build off the action, the cartridge needs to be of .308 case diameter and a COAL no longer than 81mm / 3.18. The ideal cartridges are the 6.5x55 and 7x57 (note that the action is similar to the Spanish M93 7x57).

The bolt handle needs to be cut off and rewelded at a better angle. Can talk about this later if you go ahead. Also best to fit a Dayton Traister cock on opening conversion.

Existing holes in the rear of the receiver will ruin your day when it comes to scope mounting.

If you can find a rifle with a good bore for a good price, then it could make for a nice sporter as is, without a caliber change. The rifle would have to be dirt cheap if it were to be a donor for 7x57.

I can't say that the Husky is better than the Carl Gustaff. The main difference you'll find these days is that the Husky had a 24" barrel (M38) while the surplus G96 rifles are generally 29" so these need to be docked if building a carry rifle.

Either can be made into a nice rifle for long distance hauls. Personally I would not rate one over the other.

Hopefully the diopter holes will not cause problems. Keep in mind that bases can be slotted to some degree. Check Weaver and also Leupold. Note that you sometimes have to shim and epoxy to get the correct cant. Will pay to do some checks. For example, I have noticed changes in old Loopy bases to newer ones with regards to hole spacing.

FYI, Tasco used to have (or be linked to) an outfit in Australia called Lynx who made good one piece bases. I am pretty sure these were also found on Kimber's original rifles (G96 rebarreld to .243 or .308). The Tasco Lynx base and rings were a good option for the Swede and many of the NZ and Aussie sporter rifles had this base and ring set. I wonder if any are made / circulated in the U.S or Canada.
31 Mar 2016
@ 08:47 pm (GMT)

Mike Dewey

Re: Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55
Hello Paul,

Did you look on

pages of Swedes, CG63 target rifles, 98's and Husky's for not much. Good info on condition. Cheap shipping. Lots of fun...
31 Mar 2016
@ 11:57 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55
You guys are great! That is a lot of really good information. Thank you very much. I thought my day was going good, seeing as how it is record high temps for March, no wind to speak of, and I spent the day at the range with my three favourites. Then I get home to find your the icing on the cake.

That is a lot of info, so I am going to have to sit down and digest it all and see how to proceed. One of my concerns was the action for a build for a higher pressure cartridge. As I already have a 6.5, I really don't need another. Mine however, is a gas operated semi-auto, hence the thinking of going to a bolt. Decisions, decisions.

And yes, Mike, that is exactly where I was looking. Nice guns and they look to be in good shape.

Thanks again for your help, gents. It really is appreciated. I'll keep you in the loop.
01 Apr 2016
@ 06:01 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55
this has been very interesting ready.

just last night i sold some lee enfield parts to a young guy, as normally the case we ended up chatting for about an hour.
i might be showing him the ropes of reloading once he's set because at the moment he's shooting hornady match factory ammo at $75 for a 20 box i almost fell over when he told me that.
one thing we did talk about was he wanted to find a mauser action to build a gun off, i explained to him that's its a medium length action and that once he's reloading he should really consider the 284win or the variants of it.

i also suggested if he was going to use the standard calibers 243, 7mm-08, 308, 270 or 30.06. it might be a lot easier to look into things like howa's unless you get a mauser dirt cheap.

Paul is your semi a ljngman the original gas impringement rifle?
01 Apr 2016
@ 04:21 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Here we go again - now it's a 6.5X55
Hi Thomas- yes, it's an AG-M42B. A wonderful piece of engineering. In the right hands, a superb instrument for multiple targets.


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