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Lessons Learned from past mistakes!

29 Mar 2016
@ 07:33 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

MY post has graphic descriptions of animals suffering from my poor choice of ammo or lack of skills and awareness of equipment set up that I was using ? 

Would you use a teaspoon to dig a post hole? A shovel to pick food from the gaps between your teeth ? 
Just because you can don't always mean you should. 
We know what we know through life's experiences or because we searched for or stumbled upon answers found in the contents of this site and other forms of knowledge . Thanks Nathan n Steph. 

When I was 14 my dad and I went to shoot an old feral Billy Goat on the farm for dog tucker he was limping with footrot . 303 LE With 174g military ball. 10 round mag full, job done! 
My First shot at 70 yards Boom! nothing but a now running target 2 3 4..7..10 fuck empty gun no more bullets. Dad stayed watching as I ran all the way home got some more ammo lead tipped hunting rounds and ran back about a 2 1/2 km run. The billy had died while I was gone he looked like a pin cushion poor bugger didn't deserve to die like that? I have to live with knowing that I did that? When I was 20 I head shot a big hind at a distance of 20 yards with 303 high mounted scope aimed between the eyes and blew the bottom of its face off! Nose jaw all gone! Just dripping mushed skin n bone! She fell and stumbled off the ridge and crashed away into the undergrowth I waited and heard her stop? Well it went quiet. I reloaded and snuck into the thicket. About 40 yards in she was standing in a small clearing in the shadow of a tree shaking with shock and I could hear her sucking air through the open hole that was it's throat. My shot didn't miss this time.! 
I feel like a shit when I think about those two animals. 
I learned that the bullet impacts lower than your line of sight when shooting in close, and that 1, WWII FMJ Cordite ammo pinholes old billy goats 2, That 10 rounds with battle sights and brass butt plate. Kicks the crap out of a 14 year old lads pride ego and his shoulder. 
So its worth noting that the key to all of our Killing situations is Knowledge. Knowing what you have. Its power and performance . Your skills and abilities to get it right . 
Being responsible and held accountable for the choices we make is about Using our knowledge to choose the right tools for the job? And Knowing how and when to use them and how not to use them. 
These animals don't ask to be shot we choose to shoot them . Make sure you do it as quickly and animanly as is knowledgeably possible. Cheers guys 


29 Mar 2016
@ 09:56 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Lessons Learned from past mistakes!
Right on the mark Warwick
29 Mar 2016
@ 10:19 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Lessons Learned from past mistakes!
Good shot Warwick


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