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Re: Good starting platform??

25 Apr 2011
@ 02:48 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Jonathan. Of the rifles you have mentioned, the T3 and Rem SSPS are both good light weight rifles for the Alps. It really is up to you, which features you find the most desirable.

As for the .270Win cartridge, most readily available factory loads in NZ feature a 130 grain bullet, many are very good. If you want to step things up further, for Thar and reds, a hand loaded 150 grain bullet is very emphatic for both close range and longer range work.

Many people are currently facing tough financial times at the moment and in such cases, we really need to work together. If you have a hunting buddy with reloading kit, I do suggest that you try and come to some arrangement where you take the time out to sit down and make your own ammunition.

Range wise, providing you adopt good technique with your light weight rifle, there really isn't any trade off. This thread was started in regard to dedicated LR shooting and practice. The heavy barreled .308 allows for a lot of practice and a lot of learning. A light weight .270 heats up a lot faster so there is an obvious difference right there- the heavy barrel .308 allows for a lot more plinking during an LR session. 400 yards is not a long shot for a .270 Win, 650 is to a larger extent, a long shot but still, does not require barrel sizzling practice.

A good accurate rifle that won't bog you down when climbing high, suitable bullets and good optics are the base of your hunting platform. Beyond this, technique is everything. No amount of kit or muzzle brakes or other add odds will make you any better so to this extent, you have to understand that being on a limited budget is a good thing and should never be viewed as a limitation. I am all about procedures, its one thing to learn good technique but is it is something entirely different to implement methods in the field where distractions abound, regardless of how many aids or how much power we have in our favor.


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