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Re: versatile whisper cartridges ideas and thoughts?

21 Mar 2016
@ 04:00 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Not so bad or overdone either as the load I was using was giving me 2100fps with a 400 grain bullet in a 7.5 pound rifle.

One of our friends uses a lever action 375 Winchester and gets around 2100 fps from its 20 inch barrel using a 220 grain flat-nosed bullet. He hunts whitetail deer at close ranges and takes a black bear a year plus some coastal blacktail with it with no issues.

The shape of the stock on the Win lever actions leaves something to be desired if a person has an aversion to recoil in these light rifles, but I have shot it a bit and found no issue at all using it.

Outfitted with a Lyman rear peep sight it is fast to use as well.

Of course, the more I read your thread here, Bob Mavin's comment about how effective his 358 Winchester keep coming to my mind. Having used a 35 Whelen before, I have an interest in Bob's 358 Win rifle as well, and when some pre-fit barrels become available for the Remington 783, I may make one of those a project...Darn, I should never read these posts, it is going to get me in trouble again, ha ha.


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