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Re: P-14 found in the bottom drawer

20 Mar 2016
@ 06:03 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Well, Thomas and Grant, it's looking really nice. The fit on your stock is way nicer than mine was. I just finished inletting the stock to suit the action. Pretty well all day. It seemed that every time one adjustment was made it bound up or pressed somewhere else. Back and forth. One of the hardest to find and fit was the area on the rear left where the radius of the action meets the stock. It's a good thing that most of what I ended up gouging out is well hidden. It looks like a rabid beaver had it's way with that piece of walnut. But, it's done now, well almost. Still have to get the barrel threaded and chambered, and then I get to do the front end of the stock. Oh Joy!

Thomas, where did you get your trigger? I can't seem to get one out of the states, and finding someone here is turning out to be rather difficult. It is a Timney, isn't it?


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