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rimfire multiple firing pins

19 Mar 2016
@ 09:55 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Was thinking about the trustee old 22 rimfire. The single point of impact on the rim for ignition got me pondering how the compound ignites and does it burn from the point of firing pin impact around the rim O to meet on the opposite side of the pins impact? Would a three pin impact create a more even and possibly faster ignition of the primer compound and the powder column? better ES and groups.? Would this 3 points of ignition be worth trying? Its a bolt modification that wouldn't be easy and impossible for some!
What's your thoughts on this?


19 Mar 2016
@ 11:16 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: rimfire multiple firing pins
Hi Warwick.
the problem with this is you get a quicker burn which equals a massive pressure spike.
the same apply when you don't have enough powder in a centrefire cartridges you end up with a double burn. (imagine the burn time if you lite a candle at both ends compared to just one end) which means a massive pressure spike as powder burns quicker
im guessing burden primers with 2 flash holes are close enough together not to have the issue.
one thing you'll notice with rim fires is the front of the bolt never rotates even the ruger 77/22 has locking lugs half way up the bolt.
i believe that this is because if you rotated a bolt that is forced up against the rim you might end up with ignition.

ask anyone with an old school nissan bluebird that needs new spark plugs how much they love double ignition ha ha.


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