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.338 Federal uploaded to KB

07 Mar 2016
@ 11:42 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

If you have a chance guys, please read this one because its performance parameters are of interest. It does not matter whether you have any true interest in the .338 bore. Just have a read through and see how this cartridge leads to more understanding of the terminal ballistics picture.

Note that my research differs a good deal from reviews you might read on the net, whether in published articles or forum threads. I spent a good amount of time getting my head around the strengths and weakness of the Federal- and both do exist.

Within the article I have tried my best to describe how the Federal behaves in the field from my notes. In some ways this was not so easy. This is the sort of cartridge that one guy will rave about while another finds it disappointing and yet both will be correct in their assessment.


08 Mar 2016
@ 01:26 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: .338 Federal uploaded to KB
Hi Nathan
Can't find the 338 Fed info?
I used one for a while before building my 358 win. I think ( for me) the 358W is a better option.
08 Mar 2016
@ 01:51 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .338 Federal uploaded to KB
Try this Bob:
08 Mar 2016
@ 02:27 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .338 Federal uploaded to KB
The thing is Bob, you are already well versed at keeping shots well forwards. But you also know that in reality, there are times when we cannot obtain such shot placement- especially when snap shooting off hand.

I have added one more comment to that article and also mentioned the .358 as the antidote because I very much agree with you and feel that this needs to be reiterated.

One thing I did not write due to the potential for flack (or is that more flack), is that the .338 Federal and .243 Win are both very similar as far as methods for exploitation of potential is concerned. They come from opposite ends of the spectrum, they do behave differently but they do require similar consideration with regards to taking care with bullet choice and shot placement, more than you might with say the .358 or some of our .308 loads. Again, this is not so easy to explain in just a few words. You have to have a good deal of experience with both to see what I am driving at. I am sure you understand.
14 Mar 2016
@ 02:36 pm (GMT)

john feyereisn

Re: .338 Federal uploaded to KB
Intersting on the 243 comparison Nathan, the first thought that entered my mind was the old, old 270 articles with horror stories of bullets blowing up and such, basically one extreme or the other, fast and light to big and slow. either way to have a cartrige with adequate energy but bullets that dont transfer it properly. the 270 eventually went the other way in the sense that the 270 win was the only (or nearly only) cartrige with that bore therefore by default over time bullets got better. The 338 is a much different story with so many existing designs that work well for shooting elk from a 338 mag.


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