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Re: .303 and 8mm SST dropped from production

04 Mar 2016
@ 10:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

It is relative to the available force. It gets more difficult to swage down in big jumps, creating a need for a series of steps, otherwise you need a very heavy press (not reloading press). Bullet deformation is another factor. Spring back is another factor.

Good options would be:

6.5 to .257
7mm to .270
.338 to 8mm
.375 to 9.3 (Marty blogged his experiments with this on the forums a while back).

There is a market for each of these, perhaps not large so again it may be best as a sideline for someone. If anyone was able to set this up, I would be happy to provide free advertising as it would be helpful to both the seller and end users.

Marty may have a few comments to add if he has time one day.

This type of operation goes hand in hand with meplat tools also- tools to expose the HP on match bullets that are otherwise too narrow.

I also think there is possibly room for a clamp on thread for the Tikka T3 barrel which allows a suppressor to be fitted to the rifle without thread cutting while also in itself acting as a heat long as it can be clamped in such a way as to not come loose and turn the system into a grenade launcher. I doubt this could be done with an overbarrel type suppressor system but might work with forwards mounted suppressors- if it could be properly secured to the barrel.


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