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7mm mag powder choices 112 months ago by james hoskins 7mm mag powder choices

Hi I have been working up a 7mm mag 162gr amax load and have been using 2225, I see you suggest 2217 and 2213sc in another thread, I am currently achieving around .7moa accurracy which I want to improve on, should I be looking to move towards one of these 2 powders, is 2225 not the best choice?

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Re: Actions 113 months ago by Nathan Foster Re: Actions

Hi Murray, yes, you are reading that right. However for the smith, its more a case of "I don't want to go down that road". The M700 is the easiest action for smiths to work with, both for machining and bedding. By easy, I don't mean this as a reflection of time factors or the skill levels of the smith, however skill levels are relative if the shop is employing apprentices. By easy, I mean that the receiver threads are usually cut in such a way that the factory barrels can be removed without the ..

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Re: Good starting platform?? 115 months ago by Nathan Foster Re: Good starting platform??

Hi Jonathan. Of the rifles you have mentioned, the T3 and Rem SSPS are both good light weight rifles for the Alps. It really is up to you, which features you find the most desirable. As for the .270Win cartridge, most readily available factory loads in NZ feature a 130 grain bullet, many are very good. If you want to step things up further, for Thar and reds, a hand loaded 150 grain bullet is very emphatic for both close range and longer range work. Many people are currently facing tough financi..

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Re: 243 Win/ 95 Berger Test 116 months ago by Nathan Foster Re: 243 Win/ 95 Berger Test

Hi Jim, OK there are quite a few possibilities. I would like more info so if you can bare with me, we’ll get started. Regarding the bore: Have you tested other bullets in the Savage, if so, did they also produce fliers. If you have tested other bullets and accuracy was good, were the bullets flat based or with a vastly greater bearing area. How was the fouling, is there a complete lack of fouling when you look into the muzzle. When you look into the muzzle from 30-45 degrees, can you see circula..

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Re: 243 Win / 95 gr Berger 116 months ago by Nathan Foster Re: 243 Win / 95 gr Berger

Hi Jim, I have posted a reply on the other .243/95gr VLD thread you started a few weeks back. Nathan.

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