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24 Apr 2019
@ 12:55 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

I am trying my hand at tanning for the first time.

I shot some rabbits, Very tasty. Didn't do an excellent job skinning them, not terrible though.

I am trying the Alum method, which could be called a pickling method.

So far I have managed to rip some of the skins while peeling the layer of flesh and fat from under the hide.

Otherwise it seems to be going well. I have kept the heads and frozen them to try a brain tanning method in the future.

I'll post a link to a video for more information.

Any advice would be great. Especially on "slip skinning" where the skin comes off without a cut up the middle...

Also if anyone knows how to peel the skin off the head that would be great. Every time I tried it got stuck on there and just about pulled the head off at the neck.


24 Apr 2019
@ 12:56 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Tanning


04 Jun 2019
@ 07:16 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Tanning
Hey Andrew,

In my bow hunting younger years we used to use a kit called Leidreiters Tanning kit. They were pretty good. Used them for all sorts; goats, deer, wallabies, rabbits, possums, a ginger wild cat ...(much to my mothers friends disgust, he he)

I just googled it & it seems that our Ausi mates have made copy called "Leder Tanning; Utility Tanning Kits."

I tried all sorts of methods before the Leidreiter Kits & nothing was anywhere near as good as their kit. I also used to carry 1kg of salt on my hunting trips just for salting skins down... young & stupid!



12 Jun 2019
@ 04:08 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Tanning
My father-in-law, whom I regularly quote, used to say, "Every animal has just enough brains to tan his own hide."
17 Jun 2019
@ 09:53 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: Tanning
Hi Andrew, by slip skinning do you mean peeling the skin off like a sock? No knife needed? I've done something similar plenty enough but not sure were talking about same thing. Have you any ideas or want me to explain method?
19 Jun 2019
@ 06:50 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Tanning
That's what I mean!

I think I have a few ideas but any advice is always appreciated.
19 Jun 2019
@ 06:38 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Tanning
I saw a guy on Hunting Aotearoa (last night) use his quad bike to pull a skin off a deer after just three cuts to free up the back wheels...

Lazy prick! ;-)
21 Jun 2019
@ 05:21 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: Tanning
Sounds shit Jon, nothing like a good struggle.
Andrew I have only seen it done once many years ago but was a wow what did I just witness after doing it the slow way with a knife many times, since then I've done many but only for pet food. Practice on young, tender rabbits as they are easier to open out. Simply hold the rear legs in one hand with belly facing other hand, pinch the thin skin of the inner leg between thumb and finger and peel outwards for both legs then open up through groin and break out, proceed around the back just forward of tail until you can loop thumb through right under skin then pull out off tail then down back a little. If you're planning on eating you may want to find some clean grass(is there any in oz?)then stand on the end of rear legs and peel the skin straight off keeping hold of same bit of skin on back. The head can be a sticky bit and have had the odd one come off, don't do it in you're pearly whites.


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