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Bowie vs. Kukri

21 Jun 2021
@ 06:53 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

I use a bowie with me when I'm hunting in hog country and I like big knives for cleaning and skinning in general. Do any of you have experience using kukri's for normal hunting purposes?

I will never have need of a kukri but I wonder if any of you have used one in a practical situation? And by practical I don't mean the way Gurkhas use it!


21 Jun 2021
@ 07:36 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bowie vs. Kukri
Hi Lane, I used a Kukri of my own making for a a while. I butchered somewhere between 300 to 400 animals with it. I also used it for all camp chores (preparing dinner for clients etc.). I feel that I have enough experience to comment.

The kukri worked well, the shape having some mechanical advantage. But I found that this was offset by the pressure exerted onto my wrist when making various cuts (due to angles). Stabbing put the most strain on the wrist. It was extremely uncomfortable to use in this manner if the knife type struck the shield of a boar. The knife was also somewhat difficult to sharpen within the recurve.

There is a great deal of mystique and perhaps even mythology around the Kukri knife. I would suggest that it is the people rather than the knife that made a difference in history. The knife itself has a mixture of both positive and negative points.
22 Jun 2021
@ 09:08 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Bowie vs. Kukri
Thanks Nathan. Quite true with regard to the history and the lore.


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