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Online Ballistics Calculator

13 Aug 2022
@ 05:20 pm (GMT)

Grant Coldicott

Do you guys have any suggestions regarding the best ballistics calculator?

I’ve used the Hornady one but many are projectile/powder specific and I’m looking for something that has wide choices for components etc.



15 Aug 2022
@ 07:38 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Online Ballistics Calculator
Hi Grant. The Hornady program should be the best if you’re shooting one of the bullets they’ve pre-populated in the program. They used their radar device to obtain the data. For each bullet there are approximately 400 data points they recorded with their radar and plugged into the program for you. If you’re using a Sierra bullet that isn’t in the Hornady program, I’d look at the Sierra ballistic calculator to see if they’ve done similar testing and pre-populated the data for you. Same with Berger or Lapua bullets that Hornady hasn’t tested. Check to see if the manufacturer has already done the legwork for you. If you are looking for a general purpose calculator where you plug in the bullet’s BC, muzzle velocity, and environmental variables, check out Strelok. It is recommended by a forum member, Magnus from Norway. He has done extensive field testing to verify its accuracy. The problem is, it works off of one BC input variable. Sierra’s program has three, because a bullet’s BC varies with velocity. Sierra publishes 3 BC values for each of their bullets at different velocity ranges. Hornady does, too, for some of their bullets. But Hornady admitted recently that the BCs they published for there older bullets, prior to obtaining their radar device, weren’t all that accurate.
15 Aug 2022
@ 12:37 pm (GMT)

Grant Coldicott

Re: Online Ballistics Calculator
Thanks, that’s helpful. After hunting for so long, in the old style, some of this click and shoot stuff takes some work! Deer stalking was called that as one had to get inside 150 yds, with Dad’s ole iron sights .303, in order to be in with a chance! Now we are challenged by stuff we can’t see with the naked eye!
16 Aug 2022
@ 12:29 pm (GMT)

[email protected]

Re: Online Ballistics Calculator
JBM ballistics has a strong following. Several of the phone apps reference it as the "gold standard". It has a pretty extensive library of bullet specs as well as loaded ammunition specs. The iPhone app "Balistic" is licensed to use the JBM code.


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