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How far Do you Hunt

11 Feb 2021
@ 01:25 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

So on average what is the distance at which you hunt? What caliber do you use? Standard or magnum?

If you are hunting at long range what's the biggest animal species that you hunt?


23 Feb 2021
@ 07:05 pm (GMT)


Re: How far Do you Hunt
5 to 100m in Mediterranean low shrubland - 308 Win caliber, Norma TipStrike
No chance for long range shooting here!
24 Feb 2021
@ 12:56 am (GMT)

Magnus Vassbotn

Re: How far Do you Hunt

I mostly hunt red deer with 6,5x55, 30-06 and 9,3x62. Most shots are from 20-300 meters, but a bit further every now and then. The 6,5x55 is set up for long range hunting, and with the eld-x 143 I regularily hunt out to 400-450 meters, 500-550 on a perfect, calm day (less than 2 mph wind). Similar with a 270 I had. I also had 300 win mag with a 28" barrel, and with the 208 a-max at 3000 fps, 500 meters was pretty straight forwards on red deer, kudu, and other plains game. 600 meters on a perfect day. Any further then these distances, and I find myself getting screwed by the wind a bit too often for things to be ethical. Generally I don't shoot at animals beyond 300-350 meters in more than 4-5 mph cross wind. To much randomness.

24 Feb 2021
@ 07:57 am (GMT)

Michael Henderson

Re: How far Do you Hunt
Hi y’all

You’ll find me hunting in the jungles of the south Mississippi piney Woods.
Largest game ‘round here would be whitetail and wild hogs.
I’ve used compound bow, crossbow, 12 ga, 223 rem, 7mm RM, 308 win, 35 whelen, and 50 cal muzzleloader.
Shortest shot was <5 yds and longest was >125. On average I’d say 100 yds with a rifle and 20 yds with a stick and string.
If you’re hunting in “the woods” you can see maybe 20 yds if you’re lucky but food plots, planted fields, power line/pipe line right of ways, and clear cut timber open it.

At the moment I’ve been taking the whelen, the lease I hunt now has food plots with a maximum shot distance of about 125 yds.
I have in the past I hunted in places that offered >500 yds shot, so 7mm RM.
28 Feb 2021
@ 01:13 am (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Re: How far Do you Hunt
I hunt whitetail deer in hardwood forests, mostly from tree stands, sometimes sitting on the ground with my back against a tree. Ranges vary from about 20 yards to just over 100 yards. Over the years I've hunted with everything legal, but lately it's mostly rifles. I've killed some large bucks with the .44 Magnum revolver, with modern muzzle loader (.45 cal in a sabot), and with shotgun slugs as well as many centerfire rifle calibers. My absolute favorite is the .308 Winchester, and I do sometimes use a .243 or 30-06. I have no favorite bullets. I handload all of my centerfire ammo, using whatever bullet I choose. Many of my choices are based on Nathan's writing. Regards, Ed


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