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How Nathan Foster Ruined My Life

06 Dec 2018
@ 12:10 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

At Nathan's recommendation I purchased a 308 with a specific stock and barrel weight, specific scope, and specific load. After developing the load I tested it for accuracy and it performed as he said it would.

I used it to hunt for the last six weeks. I killed a deer and four pigs with it so far. The projectiles did what he said they'd do at each distance.

It has become obvious that now I no longer need any other rifle, scope, or load combination for 99% of the hunting I do. Therefore I can't justify purchasing another caliber or rifle.

Let this be a lesson to all those who like to purchase multiple rifles and calibers just for the fun of it. He will solve all your problems at once. Thanks Nathan for ruining my life!


06 Dec 2018
@ 07:00 pm (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Re: How Nathan Foster Ruined My Life
I'm just waiting for the rest of my bits to come in I'm doing pretty much same thing as you but in 30-06. I call it my Kiwi Kruise Missile Launcher. It will be my old Tikka M695 30-06 and it will be bedded into a Boyds stock and wear a Sightron Siii 3.5-10x44 LRMD scope that just came in the mail today (nice piece of kit!). Load development is already 75% done (just have to do final tweaking), Nosler brass, Superformance powder pushing the Hornady 208 gr ELD M to 2700 fps. Should do me well for about 99.99% of my hunting!

Luckily I got smart and already got myself a back up hunting rifle, a Remington M700 SPS 7mm Mag...

I mean two is one, and one is none. Right?


06 Dec 2018
@ 10:21 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: How Nathan Foster Ruined My Life
Ha ha Lane. How lucky you are. Think of all the time you'll save. All you have to do is load your pet loads and keep your rifle clean. So easy now to grab it and go hunting knowing that every things right. More time to take wife on a movie date and the kids to sports or the beach for a swim......... Remember the days of inaccurate shots and not knowing what the four end was there 4. No more Weatherby eyebrow. Ruined indeed.......... spoiled for choice more like it!


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