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Speer 130gr HP for 30cal

11 May 2017
@ 08:20 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hi all.

I am curious if anyone has used these and to what end? I was given some Federal VitalShok which has the above mention projectiles and factory rated MV of 3050fps.

Would love to know your thoughts.




18 May 2017
@ 09:37 pm (GMT)

Clive Judd

Re: Speer 130gr HP for 30cal
Experience is limited to a few shots. It was belmonts loading in .308, i suspect the charges are rather low compared to whats possible with handloads. At approx 180 to 200 meters:

- Neck shot on small goat took its head almost clean off
- Neck shot medium goat, presented on the side, a wide wound.
- Hilar shot on another medium goat as the animal was quartering away, dropped fast. No exit.

That's the extent of it however, from my observations I would only use it up to goat/fallow sized animals tops, and even then I would avoid fast or close shots as it dumps its load fast, or more to the point it probably explodes. Its a varmint bullet, so treat it as such.
18 May 2017
@ 10:15 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Speer 130gr HP for 30cal
locally known as "handgranades"
awesome goat/wallaby smaller deer load (fallow,sika)
very handy in slower cases ,the belmont loading popular with chopper shooters for head neck shots,results on goats told above tell why.....
they wouldnt be my first choice for a big stag but if thats all I had,it would be meat saver type shot first choice or reload quickly and keep shooting.
19 May 2017
@ 09:00 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Speer 130gr HP for 30cal
Cheers guys.

Looking forward to some load development in the near future with different projectiles and the like.



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