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Return of Xander Cage, Ruby Rose

15 Feb 2017
@ 10:36 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Quote from Ruby Rose folowing the release of this movie:

"Handling a sniper rifle is a different challenge altogether, not least because it has enough kickback to rip off your shoulder. She trained at a range in LA used by the Secret Service, military and Olympic competitors.

She wowed her trainers by being able to hit a horizontal playing card from 1000 metres. "I split the card through the side, which was like a hair, and [my trainer] was like 'OK, if we ever need you for anything, you would be really good at this'," she says."

End quote.

Those of you who shoot long will know that you cannot see a playing card side on at 1000 meters with a typical 22-32 power scope. You will also know that a bullet does not fly straight, there is always an element of wind or spin drift plus Coriolis at 1000m / 1100y. Even if the card was hit, it would be hit from the side. I therefore wonder if this young lady was punked by her trainer, ripping the card in half and handing it to her. If so, its a sad thing because it makes a fool out of her through no fault of her own.

We may be inclined to take the p--s out of this hollywood star but in this case I think the trainer(s) may possibly be responsible for this misinformation.

Ordinarily I would ignore this but readers of my Shooting book will see how this ties back into statements I made in the book.

All the best, Nathan.


16 Feb 2017
@ 02:45 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin

Re: Return of Xander Cage, Ruby Rose
Can we pardon her?? I mean, look at this....She might me shooting 100mts for all I care....jajaja

16 Feb 2017
@ 10:53 pm (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: Return of Xander Cage, Ruby Rose
sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you Ricardo but Ruby is a lemon mate,
her partner is Jess from the band the veronicas,
wasting time having her as a pinup
not really my type anyway, rather a real woman not a school girl,
or some mauser porn, getting to old and have daughters her age,
way I think about it anyway
regards Mark
25 Feb 2017
@ 03:49 am (GMT)

mark korte

Re: Return of Xander Cage, Ruby Rose
Nathan -
I think you can safely ignore it. Anyone that thinks its possible to split a playing card edgewise at 1000 meters does not understand anything about firearms/shooting - I doubt they are reading your book. Its just another example of the incredible feats displayed by heros shooting six shot revolvers that never run out of rounds or from the hip tip running bad guys off two story building roofs at 273 yards.

So about this Coriolus affect - which direction DO your toilets spin on the flush down there?
27 Mar 2017
@ 12:03 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Return of Xander Cage, Ruby Rose
Sat and watched American Sniper last night,it was a good watch and nice to see the story told of what must have been a hell of a man.
couldnt help but notice a couple of things technique wise
#1 in one scene he was shooting off a day pack but still using rear hold,in all other scenes it was using a bipod
#2 in the scene where he finally "got his man" with what must have been one hell of a shot (close to 2km) when they moved his shooting platform across it was rocking around like nobodies business

its a bugger getting old and spotting these things...oh for the days when all the BS was taken in and believed.

rest in peace that man,you surely deserve it.


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