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.280 Remington article

05 Jul 2024
@ 07:50 am (GMT)


With the background of having owned, loaded for, and hunted with .280 Remington chambered rifles, I read with interest the article in the knowledge base named .280 Remington.

There is so much duplication of detail that its impossible to make sense of the article. And SO much B.S. put forth about wounding and brittle bullets that it is evident that the only shots the writer ever fired were from his PC. And one bullet is good for up to 200 yards, but others are qualified to take game at 700 yards. Seriously now, boys...

The intro of the article is good and has factual information, but the bullet and load discussion is just a bunch of space filling word salad. Did you use ChatGPT to fill the empty void? It appears so.

Anyhow, I think some editing is in order. Knowledge Base is the wrong category for this article.


06 Jul 2024
@ 08:45 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: .280 Remington article
Hi Mark. Sounds like you have a lot of experience with the 280. I’ve never used it, although its resurgence in popularity as the 280AI makes it an attractive option for those of us considering a milder alternative to a 7mm magnum. If, based on your expertise, you have specific disagreements with the content of the article, such as the performance of certain bullets, let us know what they are. I reread the article and concluded the cartridge is a good medium power choice for medium sized game. That tells me all I need to know. I believe the author actually tested the cartridge on live game.
07 Jul 2024
@ 05:04 pm (GMT)


Re: .280 Remington article
Congratulations are in order Nathan, for using ChatGPT many years before its inception


10 Jul 2024
@ 02:16 pm (GMT)

Matthew Beitzel

Re: .280 Remington article
Chat GPT doesnt seem to work on a hill next to the number of animals that has gone into this knowledge set.
The bullet doesnt know which cartridge it came out of and neither does the animal. A 7mm 139 grain SST mm bullet out of 7mm08 does the same thing at around 350m that a 7mm rem mag does at out past 500m
11 Jul 2024
@ 06:05 am (GMT)

Fernando Cundin

Re: .280 Remington article - greasing the groove
Empirical knowledge can and will often do well in most situations when regarding evaluative positions and even qualitative arguments on a matter, but these are also “good starting points” for deeper and still unfinished investigations on toward a thorough understanding of a subject.

If one works with a vast array and well of information on a subject then there is a trend toward an implied and construed “on average” positional reference for context and meaning, but there is also included the working requirement to just so often (if not regularly) test assumptions being just that and demanding a clean scrub of the base levels of argument and relative “knowing”.

A good place to start into any subject is an operative regular and sound practice.

Contesting anything as a working reference and body of knowledge as categorically something only definitional then puts the position of any “empirical” sourced argument in suspect and even suspicious grounds.

Students soundly embrace the process and engage both truthfully and with control over bias as they garner more acumen. I retain these habits now well on after I have even mastered some of the basics, for I am never so assured as to ignore the secret weapon of “the basics” and not return to the square and solid position of clear observation and practice.

11 Jul 2024
@ 07:31 am (GMT)


Re: .280 Remington article
Congratulations are in order Nathan, for using ChatGPT many years before its inception



Vinny boy,

Congratulations are in order for failure to read and comprehend.


11 Jul 2024
@ 08:51 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .280 Remington article
Hello Mark.

Its one thing to cast insults at me. But its another matter when you start in on my readers. This is my business, my website, my forum and these are my readers who come here for support. I put a great deal of my time into helping and caring for them. I don't want you bringing everybody down with your sarcasm and attacks.

How about you take a breather for a bit and have a think about what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to be known for being kind and helpful, or would you rather be known for being sarcastic and insulting.

For the record, I have studied the .280 and .280 AI quite thoroughly, in the field spanning many years. I have also worked with custom rifles and have guided and provided tutorials for .280 users. More recently, I worked with Dave Manson to design a reamer that seeks to find a balance between SAAMI specs versus the more extreme custom versions, all in an effort to make life easier for gun builders and end users. I have put a great deal of time into my research, most of which is given freely in an attempt to help hunters achieve the best possible outcomes.

Funds to support my research are derived from the book series which goes into further detail for hunters and includes photos to verify outcomes etc.

A long time ago, we had a photo on the website of my wife and our (then) baby daughter with a large wild boar. My wife, Steph, and I had been testing the Scirocco in .280. I had our daughter (Riley, 8 months) in a back pack, Steph was doing the shooting, it was a hard day of hunting and hauling. That very large boar became a bit of a to-do at the time locally, because someone had contacted a local news agency and told them about this couple who research ballistics and that having a baby had not stopped them. A reporter came out to take a photo after we had just come out of the bush.

Much later on, we set up this website. We put the photo the journalist took, onto our website as a family portrait. Soon after we launched, someone wrote in to say that my wife and baby were extremely ugly and that I was making everything up, was a lazy bum and should get a real job. Your posts border on the same category, Mark. This is the water you are treading in. Its not very nice, especially when folk take it to the next level and start attacking your family.

I am not person who uses knowledge as a weapon. I take researching and the sharing of information (the internet) very seriously, it is a great responsibility. I know that I can very easily put people wrong or that with the smallest thoughtless comment, I can derail a persons happiness. I am also well aware that I do get it wrong and that there are times when I have hurt people via my own negative comments on various kit etc. That's life though, do your best to help others and try to not make too many mistakes along the way.

All the best,


11 Jul 2024
@ 05:59 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: .280 Remington article
Hin Mark. The members of this forum post here to learn about the art of hunting, not the art of writing. If I wanted a lesson on how to write an essay, I’d read George Orwell, E.B. White, etc. Your failure to comprehend the contents of a simple essay about the 280 Remington leads me to conclude you lack the mental capacity to safely own a firearm.


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