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26 Jan 2024
@ 10:50 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Is there any practice difference in close-range terminal performance between the 6.5 140gr AB and the 142gr ABLR? In LR Cartridges, Nathan says the only change to the LRAB was to tweak the shape slightly to improve BC. At 100 yards, both bullets are hitting at the same point of impact. The gun is a 6.5-300WBY. My question is: Is there any advantage of one over the other on a 100 yard shot on an elk?


31 Jan 2024
@ 07:54 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: LRAB vs. AB
I asked Nosler, and got this reply:

The ABLR's are thinner jacketed to open at lower velocity way, way out there. The problem with that is no one ever explained that to the elk that it is to be way, way out there and not close up. (My friend last year shot a 378 2/8 bull at 17 steps! (That's after practicing all year for a 500 yard shot that his UT guide told him to be ready for.)
The AB will be a better elk bullet with the velocity your 6.5-300Wby produces, especially if the elk is like 80, 90, 100 yards away. The AB at that distance will hold together much better and drive deeper than the ABLR will.

Thank You for your great question and I wish you luck on your hunt!

Best regards,

Nosler Inc.
01 Feb 2024
@ 02:15 am (GMT)

William Badgley

Re: LRAB vs. AB
Perhaps read and understand what you read in Nathans books. Duel load !
Keep the AB's in the gun unless you see an elk way way out there. If you do then you'll have plenty of time to replace the AB's with the ABLR's. Even though they are suppose to hit the same place I think I would work out all my dial ups for the ABLR's.


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