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7mm Rem Mag ELD-M advice

21 Dec 2023
@ 10:42 am (GMT)

Marcos Garcia

Hello everyone,
I have a doubt guys see if you can give me a hand, I am planning to build a long range rifle based on a Bergara B14 Ridge rifle. The twist of this rifle is 1:9.5.
I want to shoot the Hornady ELD-M bullet, but I hesitate whether to choose the 162 or 180 gr weight.
The 180 gr suits my needs better, but I doubt if it will stabilize well in a 1:9.5 twist.
I have read on this forum that it is possible as long as the velocity is around 2860 fps, and a BC reduction is expected.
But will his bullet stabilize well at long distance?
I dont want that bullet stability play a trick on me during load develomet, and add another value to the ecuation.

Thank so much!!


20 Feb 2024
@ 08:47 am (GMT)

Marcos García

Re: 7mm Rem Mag ELD-M advice
Does anyone have any experience with the Hornady ELD-M 180 gr in 9.5 twist in the 7mm Rem Mag?
Looks like an awesome bullet for .284 caliber.

All the best.
20 Feb 2024
@ 10:15 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7mm Rem Mag ELD-M advice
Hi Marcus, I covered this in the Cartridges book. The book describes the killing parameters for this bullet which is perhaps the more pertinent factor.

Provided the rifle is to be used for hunting as opposed to match or extreme match, the 9.5 twist is fine. The bullet will remain stable out to long distances. People really get this topic confused these days. Unless you intend to shoot through and below the sound barrier (where the bullet would be useless when hitting game regardless of the twist rate), then it should be of little concern. Yes, a faster twist lifts the BC and helps to reduce errors etc, but how far do you really want to shoot? In most instances, the ranges we shoot to in order to make a kill are far shorter than the ranges we might imagine ourselves shooting to for bragging rights.

This new generation of podcasters certainly don't help much.

See also the below video:
21 Feb 2024
@ 09:04 am (GMT)

Marcos García

Re: 7mm Rem Mag ELD-M advice
Hi Nathan
Thanks for your reply and your time, I knew this bullet had been used with a 9.25" twist with good results, from your other comments on this forum.
I had also read about it in your book.
However I was a bit doubtful about the 9.5 twist, looking at the internet, it seems that you have to use a 8" twist for this bullet.
You make me much more at ease, I like this bullet for the combination of BC and weight , but I certainly won't use it below its velocity parameters.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I hope you and your family are well, best wishes.


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