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Heym SR30

30 May 2023
@ 09:35 am (GMT)

Federico Calboli

Hi All,

does anyone have any experience with the Heym SR30 straight pull? I am intrigued but I would like past the 'intrigued' and get some real use intel.


31 May 2023
@ 07:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Heym SR30
Hi Fedirico, the answer I will provide pertains only to my hunting experience and therefore reflects my personal bias.

The SR 30 like many European arms is a highly innovative design and displays excellent workmanship. However, I find this rifle (and kin) unsuitable for NZ hunting for various reasons.

First and foremost is the chrome moly barrel which rusts - whether slowly or via flash rusting within harsh NZ conditions. A lot of money to pay for a barrel that might only last 48 hours under NZ conditions. Second to this is the butt stock shape on the primary model. The drop accentuates felt recoil (negating any speed gained from the straight pull) combined with a small forend which lacks a good grip area for prone, ridge to ridge shooting.

I do not like to teach clients how to shoot with such a rifle due to the fact that its very design may handicap the shooter while learning. I believe there was a straight stock / generous forend model produced, but am unsure of the details of distribution.

Pretty much all European rifles produced over the last two decades lack sufficient magazine lengths (long action cartridges) for full experimentation with hand loads. The bullets are getting longer but for the most part, magazine boxes are not.

I also see no gain in rapid fire bolt action designs. There is just so much more to good shooting than how fast one can work a bolt. The speed of the bolt is actually of very low concern when learning to be effective in the outdoors. There is a short video which highlights the importance of familiarity vs speed - but is still within a range environment:

Again, my views are biased. Personally, I would perhaps compare this to a classic car - unique, a pleasure to behold but expensive and not something I would want to use on a daily basis.

You might for all I know very much enjoy this design and it may suit your needs adequately.
04 Jun 2023
@ 09:19 pm (GMT)

Magnus Hansson

Re: Heym SR30
The Heym has not been a big success in Europe compared to Blaser R8 & Merkel Helix.

I think the fast bolt operations are more important on our European driven hunts compared to stalking or long range hunting. It makes it much easier cycling a new round with the gun still in the shoulder standing up. Same reason semiautomatic rifles are popular on driven hunts ..but almost never used for stalking.

When stalking in Central Europe, it’s popular to use a single shot rifle ..



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