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7mm Practical Build

05 Feb 2023
@ 11:43 am (GMT)

Rob Bird

Just got my Practical build today, done on a Rem 700 action. Followed Nathan's advice and had Score High gunsmithing in Albuquerque do the work. SO glad I did. They are phenomenal to work with. And very knowledgeable.

Had the action trued. Looking forward to some great groups (if I can manage them). Might just find out where the limit of my shooting abilities is because I have faith that this is a top notch build and design, so I am likely the lower limit. On the last gun it hovered around 1/2 MOA but that might have been me. (Nathan, would you come over to the US and shoot my guns so I can see what their true potential is?)

Anyway, I'm excited about this next build. I am going to start out using the stock that came with the gun. It's an ADL configuration, but the stock is a custom walnut stock that is not all that different from a McMillan Game Warden profile (not sure if that stock profile has a different name). The length of pull is slightly short so I'm going to first see how comfortable it is to shoot from prone and then bed it if it passes the test.

More to come.


06 Feb 2023
@ 03:47 am (GMT)

Rob Bird

Re: 7mm Practical Build
Correction: the stock is like the McMillan Game Hunter.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.