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Brno zkk 600 .270

24 May 2019
@ 08:13 am (GMT)

mark suckling

Hi guys,
I'm helping a mate with his Brno zkk 600 .270, he has trouble with it spraying shots around 4 inches at 100m. He is using factory ammo.

The rifle looks in good order all round, has a vx2 scope on it. First job was to give it a proper clean with some boretech eliminator. 2 hrs later it looked pretty good. We checked scope torques and action screws.

Before we try it at the range again, what should we do with the front barrel screw, I put 40in/lb on the action screws and I'm wondering what to do with the front screw. I suspect given that it's original unbedded condition it should still be used, perhaps with a lighter torque? Then I guess if we end up bedding it we could get rid of that screw altogether.



24 May 2019
@ 08:42 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Brno zkk 600 .270
Hi Mark.
might pay to check if action is sitting on the magazine of if there's a little gap between action and mag.
also check muzzle carefully.
24 May 2019
@ 09:06 am (GMT)

mark suckling

Re: Brno zkk 600 .270
Thanks Thomas, I forgot to check that.

The Crown looks fine, the rifle took a drop prior to this investigation but hard to say if it is shooting much worse than prior to being dropped.

27 May 2019
@ 07:59 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Brno zkk 600 .270
Hi Mark, you can get rid of it all now if you like. Just float the barrel and test unbedded to check potential. It won't do any harm.
27 May 2019
@ 08:37 am (GMT)

mark suckling

Re: Brno zkk 600 .270
Great, thanks Nathan.


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