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Zastava M70 bedding - shocked

14 May 2018
@ 08:10 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Recently I did a little horse trading and ended up with a very nice Zastava controlled feed .308 that seems to shoot very well (touching shots sighting in and 2 close range pigs with 2 shots all Ive fired so far) the thing that bugged me is a strange clunk noise from time to time when handling..... this really bugged me as Ive had scope base movement do it so tripled checked everything,then finally I had a hold of barrel with one hand and stock with other and buggamesideways it moved..... only about 1mm but it moved/slid backwards and forwards,due to being busy its sat in cabinet and havent looked at it for a couple of weeks.
tonight got her out and took action out of stock......Mates she is sleeping on the floor. a crude fore end pressure point dob of what looks like car bog is it. around action,nothing,not anything at all. both action screws have steel pillars around them but they arent fixed or even tight in stock holes,as for the small recoil lug...small as in about 1'' wide by 1/4'' high and 1/2'' deep it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to touch at rear,and some wood close to it at front,the bottom of it SITS ON stock and can see where its polished wood........ shocked beyond words,not even a blob of hot glue as my Winchester mod70 lightweight came with...... come to think of it Ive rebedded my .223 Zastava that way and havent got around to redoing as she shoots tiny wee groups as it is
I do have match grade rebedding kit but cant see any info in books for action like this...... what say you Guru?????
times like this I wish I still lived in Taumarunui as I would zip over hill and get you to do it for me.....


15 May 2018
@ 08:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: shocked
Hi Mike, if you send me clear photos of the action and stock, I can check it all over, make sure there are no peculiarities, then advise. No worries.
15 May 2018
@ 05:23 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: shocked
Hi Mike
at a guess this is a similar recoil lug to the small p14 one.
i just do front and rear bedding,
i use couple layers of nail polish for relieving as its very difficult to get tape to work.
also if you use a nail polish that matches your eyes or your shoes it really brings it all together nicely
16 May 2018
@ 09:08 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: shocked
Classic. Like this Thomas:
16 May 2018
@ 11:13 am (GMT)

Dan Keene

Re: shocked
Hi Mike,
You really should heed Thomas's advice. There are not many shooter around who look as fetching as Thomas when he is scrubbed up.
16 May 2018
@ 05:07 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: shocked
thanks guys...will get camera out and take some photos later tonight...really cant believe it still....fancy taking all the beding completely,even my good Wife only steals half the blankets.....this one is a head scratcher as all rearward pressure will have been taken by pillars and the metal at tang...Nathan you are the best.
17 May 2018
@ 06:35 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: shocked
shhh Dan don't let everyone in on my secret, it's bad enough my wife once saw a photo of me clean shaven.
Well that's the last time i let her look at any of my baby photo's.

hope you took some photo's Mike.
look forwards to hearing how you get on with it.

17 May 2018
@ 09:41 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: shocked
The Bossman has photos and given me some advice on how to procede from here...maybe he will share photos as I havent the capability to do so ...I will re read his emails a few times and look at rifle again,have a crack at setting her up for front end bedding? and take more photos and proceed with caution and advice..... no hurry on this one as the .270 sitting there ready to go while I get this one done right.
18 May 2018
@ 08:15 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Zastava M70 bedding - shocked
Hi Mike, as per the previous email:

As a note for others- this is a basic Mauser type action.

Regarding the big hole for the front action screw- plug the hole entirely with plasticine, then poke a sharp pencil through the centre. This will allow you to use a headless screw on the action and to push it through the hole in the plasticine, then pinch the plasticine around the headless screw once the action is down in the mortice. Use this same method for all Mauser mil bolt actions which feature a pillar built in to the front of the bottom metal.

Regarding the recoil lug- if the sides of the lug are tapered, then there will be no need for tape on the sides of the lug. Put tape on the front and bottom of the lug, or use nail polish (put release agent over the nail polish and then powder graphite over the whole shebang). Use nail polish remover to remove the nail polish after the bedding job is done. If the lug is not tapered at its sides, tape or nail polish the front, sides and bottom.

You can do an 'almost' full length bedding job on this action if you want to (will just be a bit of a gap in the full bedding at the trigger well). If you full bed, make sure you have plenty of compound on hand due to the gaping inlet. So keep a spare kit on hand.

As for the tang, glue the rear pillar in place first, double syringe type, super strength.

If doing a front rear bed, make a plasticine dam that fills half of the magazine well. Pinch the dam up at the rear. But note, if the stock is gaping at the sides, it will need damming up the walls (hence why full length bedding can be easier- no sidewall dams). In some cases, such as when dealing with a trapezium or round to square shape such as this action, plasticine works OK for sidewall damming, in others (vertical wall actions), it pays to use layers of electrical tape to make sidewall dams in the mag well. My next vid (the M77 bedding vid) will cover these factors with regards to front rear bedding.

One further note Mike. It is important to understand that on the Mauser types, where the magazine is a part of the bottom metal, the action is to be considered height critical (although mag fit is critical to all). If the action sits too high in the stock, there will be a gap between the front of the magazine and action resulting in bullet jams when cycling the action. On the other hand, if the action sits too low (possibly how it is now), rather than sitting in the stock or on any bedding, the action will be sitting on the mag box, the stock being some floppy thing that just happens to be in the middle. Note that the front pillar also needs this gap (use tiny balls of plasticine in the area of the front pillar to check if they crush right down when the rifle is assembled).

These errors are extremely common. When bedding, you must try to set the action up so that the gap between the action and mag box is around .5mm. This means doing your inlet work and barrel channel dam first without blocking off the mag well so that you can periodically fit the magazine and check the gap. Keep checking the gap, then pug the mag well and front action screw hole with plasticine towards the very end of the prep. The issue of magazine height is critical to all actions but tends to be the least forgiving (yet most overlooked) in the Mausers which also require attention to the front pillar. Note also that the Mauser mag box can be sanded if need be, but it pays tpo avoid sanding off several mm as I have seen on some jobs. A lick is fine, but heavier shaves may effect mag capacity and feeding. The front pillar can also be sanded to suit.

This info can also be found in my accurizing book within the rifle bedding section- tips for military bolt actions.

Mike's Zastava:



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