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Zzk 601 stock replacement

09 Aug 2017
@ 02:11 pm (GMT)

George Abi

I have just aquired a brno zzk 601 in 308 which i am in the process of refurbishing the stock haz a crack where the pistol grip is, has anyone heard of or used hatchers rifle stocks wifh thumb hole are there ony other options recomended primarily for hunting purposes.



11 Aug 2017
@ 07:44 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Zzk 601 stock replacement
Hi George, I am not familiar with these sorry. I do notice that they carry a basic straight recoiling varmint model (a basic heavy classic) which they could possibly inlet to suit your Brno.
11 Aug 2017
@ 12:47 pm (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: Zzk 601 stock replacement
cameron Hatchers stocks are very good
I bought one for a brno 22 for my son, they do need finishing but if you are up to it you can make a really nice solid stock,
apart from that I think rebel gunworks has a 601 stock for sale, they can be a good australian source for brno parts
here is the finished stock made from NZ hardwood
regards Mark
11 Aug 2017
@ 07:03 pm (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: Zzk 601 stock replacement
sorry George
I'm still learning how to use imgur

this is the Hatchers stock on my boys brno
regards Mark


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