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Thats life

Written by Nathan Foster on October 18th, 2011.      3 comments

Hi all, I hope you have been enjoying the site, the knowledge base is certainly very popular worldwide now and proving itself credible as hunters put the information to the test. Its great to see hunters utilizing the knowledge base and achieving success in the field.

On a somewhat sadder note, due to a debilitating illness, I will not be able to operate the tutorial hunts or rifle accurizing work over the next few months as I work towards healing. As is the nature of illness, I cannot say for sure how long it will take me to fully recover.  Now, more than ever, for those of you who can afford to help myself and my family with even the smallest of donations, it would make a world of a difference to us.

On the plus side, I will still be able to tap away at the laptop and continue to upload my research onto the knowledge base so there is plenty for readers to look forwards to.

Cheers, Nathan.


Nathan Foster says ...
Hi Rick, thanks, the recovery has been a fairly slow process, ongoing. Thanks for your support.

I have played around with the rimmed version of this cartridge. The difference between what can be achieved with traditional rifle chambering versus a custom build a huge, primarily due to the twist rate that can be employed in a custom build. In the traditional German rifles, twist rates could be as slow as 1:14, best suited to 50 grain bullets of lighter. In your custom chambering, you have the opportunity to adopt a fast twist rate that will enable you to utilize the 75-80gr A-Max or the newer 75gr Scirocco, adding great versatility to your .224. The 57mm case certainly has plenty of power, duplicating the performance of the .22-243.
Rick says ...
Yes, your site is enjoyable and I've enjoyed reading the write-ups. I hope the illness is behind you now. If you feel inclined, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the 5.6x57 as I'm toying with building one. Those were more popular in Europe and (I think) NZ than here in North America and you might have some experience with one.

Happy trails.
Rick H.
Alberta, Canada
Dan Keene says ...
Suzi and I wish you all the best with your recovery. Take it real easy and do a good job of it. We wil be thinking about you. Regards, Dan


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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.