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The Practical Guide To Reloading

Written by Nathan Foster on December 6th, 2014.      0 comments

Hi all, I hope this email finds you and your families well.

The Practical Guide To Reloading is finally here! Yes, it took me long enough but writing books is certainly not a fast process.
Being the fourth book in the series, The Practical Guide To Reloading ties in the other books of this series to help us achieve our goals of an accurate rifle. I decided to set about this book in such a way as to start with the very basics, then work through to advanced hand loading techniques. In this way, I hope that the book can be used by all shooters regardless of their experience levels.
But there is a bit of a twist to this. You see, I do not believe there is a clear distinction between basic hand loading operations and advanced procedures as far as extreme accuracy goes. To my mind, it is a process of problem solving as opposed to two different processes. Generally speaking, we do what works and there is a lot to be said for keeping things simple- especially for beginners. To this end, I have structured the book in a way that has possibly never before been utilized in the world of handloading. We start with good basic practices, observe accuracy, then work through steps to improve accuracy.
For those who are just starting out, the book starts with a shopping list and what to look out for and / or avoid, then a breakdown of how each item works. The step by step methods I have outlined are useful in that the beginner can work up a load that will (if the rifle is up to the task) be comfortably accurate at close to moderate ranges without any great deal of fuss. When the reader is ready, further steps can be taken to improve accuracy.

Those who have prior handloading experience may wish to delve straight into advanced techniques from the outset. These sections of the book can utilized in an immediate manner however I would strongly urge experienced handloaders to take a walk back through the basics and investigate initial procedures. Sometimes it is the little things that count and when faced with accuracy issues, we need to remind ourselves that as with many things in life, the solution to a problem is often very simple. But to find that simple fix (which may be easier said than done), we may have to shift our perspective from the belief that we need advanced handloading techniques to more of a troubleshooting mindset which may include investigation of our most basic procedures. Basic procedures are in my experience, the crux of accuracy issues. I am sure this will make sense to you.  

There are times when the goal of extreme accuracy seems overly frustrating. As mentioned, the solution to a problem may be simple, but finding it may be easier said than done. To this end, I have addressed the realities of problem solving. It can be very disconcerting when a book gives very basic instructions with the inference that within a few simple steps, you will have a tack driving rifle. The trouble with this attitude is that it can knock a hole in a person’s confidence when they are faced with a challenging rifle and it is taking more than 20 shots to get the rifle sorted like the book said. There are also times when we are faced with a dud rifle barrel and nothing is going to help. Through my other books, I have talked about the realities of rifle accuracy and the same goes here. I want you to feel supported, not inadequate. I want you to be able to keep going when the going gets tough.

I hope this helps paint a picture of the approach I have taken with this book. I have also included check lists at the rear of the book and as much other information as I felt was relevant towards helping you achieve your goals.
Aside from the book launch, Steph, Riley and I are well. Steph has been working alongside me in her usual manner. She does the work, I seem to get the attention which in reality can be quite unfair. We are to be very grateful for this woman who has quietly helped make all of this possible, whether working on a rifle of interest, at the load bench or in the field. I remember once, as Steph was climbing through terribly thick scrub with a carcass on her back, covered in sweat and blood, she turned to me grinning and said- “Last time I go shopping with you”.  She is a hard shot for sure.

Miss Riley is well, she is eight years old now- about level with my arm pit. Bright, happy, sensitive to others needs and with a good sense of humor. Can’t ask for more than that huh. She has just started hunting small game with a .22. Riley is no tom boy but she lives a balanced life, tap dancing one day, shooting the next.

The site is very busy which is good but unfortunately our email load has been very high and in some instances, I have not been able to answer all of our mail- even though Steph and I still answer mail seven days per week. We also need to take some time out soon, such has been the toll of work. I therefore wish to convey my advanced apologies if I am unable to answer mail at certain times. The truth is, when we answer mail on Sunday’s or holidays for several hours at a time, we miss out on family time. So I would like to try and find some balance in this regard, without offending our customers.
I will start writing the final book of this series in February. The final book will cover field work including shooting technique, making drop charts and so forth. I have often thought that this book is the most critical in the book series and that we should have perhaps started with a book focused on shooting technique however the series will soon be complete and with all five books, readers should be well equipped with information to achieve excellent results. I will probably have to go slightly ‘drill sergeant’ in style with this book. However I understand that our readers very much like this clear cut approach when I have need to take it. The truth is, the final book will be very much like a personal tutorial with me- and I don’t like to send clients home without established skills. So I really need to drum information home.

Once the book series is finished, I will be primarily focused on completing the site knowledge base which is still missing almost a third of my gathered research.

All the best, Nathan.

cover page Reloading

The NZ Army came to town

Written by Nathan Foster on November 10th, 2014.      0 comments

The NZ Army came to little old Urenui for a visit this weekend. The lads did some great PR work here in Taranaki and let folk have a play with their kit. It was a great time for us and I hope the soldiers enjoyed themselves equally.

I got to have a play with the Lewis L129A1 rifle with its Leupold 3-18 FFP Mil Rad scope. hard to see in the picture but there is a peep site set at 30 degrees (just below my hand). The set up is not too dissimilar to the offset sights of the old Bren but in this instance, the rifle is tilted when using the peep (close range work). Note also the pump action door knocker carried by this strapping bloke.

IMG 3880 WL

Below- A last Hoorah for the Steyr, soon to be replaced with an M4 also made by Lewis Machine and Tool.

IMG 3881 WL

Riley was certainly not backwards in coming forwards. Again, great PR, taking time out to chat to a little girl (the kids loved the Mimi school visit). Note the new Ghostex digital camo. Still a few teething problems here with material fading far too quickly, the material and stitching both less than desirable. The rips, tears and thread bare material were obvious. Can't have our guys humping it in sub standard kit.

IMG 3875 WL

Close up of the Ghostex camo

Ghostex WL

IMG 3958 WL

Well, I better get back to work, books don't finish themselves.

Radio interview with Nathan and update.

Written by Nathan Foster on October 13th, 2014.      0 comments

Hi Guys, here is a link to a radio interview I did at the request of forum member:

Am in the finishing stages of the next book (reloading)- editing, photos etc. This is a very busy time and it has become difficult for me to answer mail and forum posts with any depth sorry. We really need to get the book launched by December for Santa because I know you have all been good and deserve a visit from the jolly red man- so its all hands on deck at the moment.

Thanks guys.

.338-06 article live

Written by Nathan Foster on August 29th, 2014.      0 comments

Hi all- another one chalked off the list, the .338-06 A-Square is now uploaded to the knowledge base.

Not a lot else to report guys. Just trucking along.  I hope you all enjoy the latest article. Will hopefully have the reloading book finished for Christmas.

338 Win Mag article now live

Written by Nathan Foster on August 8th, 2014.      0 comments

HI all, just a quick note to let you all know that my .338 Win Mag article is now live. This article serves as the base article for the .338's with other .338 research to be uploaded in due course.

All the best.

The Practical Guide To Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing And Maintenance

Written by Nathan Foster on May 25th, 2014.      0 comments


.325 WSM research uploaded

Written by Nathan Foster on March 21st, 2014.      0 comments

Hi, just a quick not to say the .325WSM article is up. So ends the 8mm section, .338 data to come next.

All the best,  Nathan.

8mm Remington Magnum research uploaded

Written by Nathan Foster on March 14th, 2014.      0 comments


8x68 S data uploaded

Written by Nathan Foster on February 21st, 2014.      0 comments

Hi all, just a quick heads up, 8x68 S data has been uploaded to the knowledge base.

Cheers, Nathan.

Free target downloads

Written by Nathan Foster on February 8th, 2014.      0 comments


7mm Practical article revised

Written by Nathan Foster on February 7th, 2014.      0 comments

Hi all, just a quick one.  I have revised the 7mm Practical article in the KB to bring it more in line with the rest of the Knowledge Base, though there are still differences.

Hopefully the new article is more succinct and user friendly. If you think I have missed anything of importance, please let me know.

Website upgrade

Written by Nathan Foster on January 22nd, 2014.      0 comments

Well it had to happen eventually.

I am turning 40 this week, both myself and the site have had a birthday. Although the old website was very slick in its day, times have moved on and the graphic / photo enhancing black background has had to go so that we can all settle down and read the volumes of content that now appears on the site without eye strain.

We also had to change navigation because the Knowledge base was getting so large that it was becoming difficult to navigate.  You will now be presented with a menu consisting of the following fields / tabs: All, Rifle research, Cartridge Research, Wounding Research and Other. This has helped immensely to categorize the site into a more manageable data base.

The site is now also responsive so that it changes size depending on the size of the screen you are using. There are now so many people reading the site on hand held devices that we had to move with the times and make the site readable on these platforms.

The forums are a work in progress.  We have been working towards a newest post first coding. It all takes time.

I have also included a few revisions.  The 7mm STW article is back up, the Ruger 10/22 bedding article has been updated. I uploaded my  8mm-06 research a couple of weeks back. I have also included a new tab / article in the KB which shows cartridges yet to be uploaded and what the deal is with these uploads etc.

Guys, if you see any bugs, photos in the wrong places etc, please let me know.  The site is such a monster now that it consumes hours days and weeks making such upgrades so we are bound to miss something.

I really want to thank Zeald for helping us through this. The Zeald team came up with our new logo and delivery concepts. I think they did such a great job and I hope you are equally pleased with their workmanship.

I think that's about it for now. All the best.

The three of us web small


Merry Christmas

Written by Nathan Foster on December 25th, 2013.      0 comments

Merry Christmas everyone. It is now Christmas afternoon in NZ, being a day ahead of the U.S, Canada and the UK etc.

Just wanted to wish you all the best before I collapse into trifle coma (Stephs old man and his sherry).

Riley asked nana to "knit her a Ninger (Ninja) suit" for Christmas. An obliging nana made sure Riley had something under the tree so we have been watching our groins and shins all morning. Santa did his bit too after a letter of plea, a glass of milk and two cookies were placed on the kitchen table last night. Steph got me an Lenser head torch, best gift ever. I managed to find some books she had an eye on and girly things.

OK, better hit the couch before I pass out in front of the laptop (too much food). Riley wants to watch Star Wars (she loves the series and action figures). I think she has been reading footrot flats too much though, I caught her saying "get in behind ya mongrel" to her R2D2.

All the best everyone. I will be having a break from the laptop over the next few days but will cast an eye over the site from time to time.

8x57 Mauser research uploaded

Written by Nathan Foster on December 5th, 2013.      0 comments

Its aliiiive! 

Everything you wanted to know, some things you probably didn't want to know and there things I still don't know. Go on then, get your fix, click here....

All the best,  Nathan.

Site updates, whats happening on the site.

Written by Nathan Foster on December 4th, 2013.      0 comments

Just a quick apology, I have been attempting to edit my 8x57 research for uploading but the volume of emails and calls from around the world over the last two days has been difficult to deal with.  Currently taking 9 hours to get through email per day. Hoping for a quiet patch ahead so we can get this article live.  Thanks to everyone for their patience. We just hit 110,000 new readers for 30 days so if I am off my game a bit with email responses, you'll know why.

Note to South African oaks. I have reset the shopping page so that the currency will appear in U.S dollars, not Rand.  Seems that paypal cannot make the Rand conversion.


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