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New Year traditions

31 Dec 2015
@ 07:58 pm (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

New Year's Day, where I currently live, means college football bowl games and... Well, that's about it.

I lived 3 years in Santiago, Chile when I was a kid and fondly remember the strangeness of January 1 being smack in the middle of summer and fireworks displays. We lived on the east side of the city just beneath the front ridge of the cordillera. I would walk down the block to a street that ran west so I could watch the big fireworks show downtown.

Any New Year's traditions in your corner of the world?


31 Dec 2015
@ 09:22 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New Year traditions
Hmm, in NZ and Australia, I believe the tradition for New Years day is to crawl along the floor in agony hoping that the pain in ones head will eventually pass.

All of those wonderful New Year resolutions reduced to trying to perform back stroke along the hallway floor while the dog licks your face clean and / or in our house, a 240lb boar dribbles snot all over you in anticipation of breakfast.

Fortunately, we are now in the "have to get the kids to bed" club which cuts short any New Years Eve partying.

This morning I awoke fresh, the birds were chirping, the weather is already hot. I managed to stay above dog lick height momentarily and for my morning exercise I pushed the boar out the front door into the wilderness (the front lawn) while waiting for the jug to boil and for my inbox to finish doing its thing. Riley was up early and has been watching inappropriate TV- the legendary Ron Burgundy. Steph has gone for an early morning walk and to give the horse a fresh break of pasture. The cat has yet to walk across my keyboard in his quest to ensure that every household member has been given their daily french kiss with fish breath.

All is very well- and no hang overs.
31 Dec 2015
@ 09:48 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Re: New Year traditions
Me and family drove through to Picton waterfront at about 10.30pm.
Awesome live music, good food,heaps of people and no drunks. Fireworks over the water at midnight. Great for kids.

01 Jan 2016
@ 02:33 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: New Year traditions
rushed work yesterday...zoomed up to lakeside and put up tent city and spent night with good friends and tribes of kids..(ok 4 teens and a preteen)
off to bed and 5 past midnight and had swin in lake this morning and got sunburnt,dogs had a blast hooning around in shallow water.
02 Jan 2016
@ 12:00 am (GMT)

mark korte

Re: New Year traditions
Jan 1 is the last day of bird season here. I always try to get out and educate the roosters one last time. There is nothing sadder than a complacent pheasant.


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