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the long reach of big companies

17 Nov 2015
@ 06:48 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

after the latest news in France which is not my place to comment on, i saw they were launching air strikes.
i got curious of what jet fighters the french used (after all they are only country i know of that use delayed blow back assault rifles)
quick research found that they use dassault rafale.
looking through the history the name thales appeared, this should ring a bell to us hand loaders that use adi powders.
research on thales shows just how much they own all around the world
do love the bit on corruption allegations

Eisenhower did warn us of the Military-Industrial Complex but i believe megadeth summed it up "killing is my business and business is good"

just found it interesting so thought i would share


17 Nov 2015
@ 11:36 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: the long reach of big companies

Mr Capitalism. He stops for nothing! Takes everything! Cares for no one! His Covetous mind and Ugly black soul empty and cold like the Gold he blindly seeks for his own gain.

Hi Thomas The book below "WAR IS A RACKET" is amazing especially as it was written by Americas highest decorated General Smedley Darlington Butler Pre WWII His writings are a real eye opener he was a Congressman after being in the Army and he found the tax info and spending accounts of these BIG Businesses. He died before the war but what he said about Hitler and Mussolini came true!

The movie below is about the ship building yards of WWII They assemble a whole prefab ship in 24hrs for the war machine. They were "GEARED FOR WAR" Its amazing how hard the USA went building stuff.........


So was the Rainbow Warrior bombing a French act of Terrorism against NZ? Especially after what NZ Soldiers did fighting for them in both World Wars. Always thought it was a bit rich and under arm bowlerish......



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