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Buying directly from importers

11 Nov 2015
@ 07:33 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

What's up with not being aloud to buy from the importer? I saved $300 on a flywheel by walking in off the street and asked for it. Its meant to be a free market democracy not a pyramid scheme.? I really like that I saved $250 on my Scope. Better in my bank account than there's. If I Could Buy From The Manufacturer in Japan I Would. It's crazy how much miles items travel to get to the end user and the mark up from manufacturer to end user is cost + 400% maybe more.?
It all seams quite selfish and trivial how the system works? Once you see babies rolling in the dirt crying in West Africa with nothing but mud walls and sticks for a home? What is the modern world trying to achieve? Every week 4 km from that babies mud hut a plane with millions of $$$ gold flies away to the coffers of a foreign company? I really struggled with the injustice of this? So I quit?
I guess I should never have read the words to that song "WHERE IS THE LOVE" . By the BLACK EYED PEAS. Have a read if you can be bothered? Lol too busy eh!

Don't cry when you realize that the world's too hot and people who could make a difference where too cold to care about everything other than their own $elf?

Life is hard But........ it's harder when you're stupid ? "The Duke"


12 Nov 2015
@ 07:47 am (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Re: Buying directly from importers
Exactly why is it that i can buy a product from a retailer in the south island for 6 or 8 dollars a packet cheaper than i can get it from a retailer in Wellington when the importer is in Wellington
12 Nov 2015
@ 06:47 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Re: Buying directly from importers
Hey Brendon, it's because in the South Island we don't have to add $6-$8 to each item to cover theft. Hehehehe
13 Nov 2015
@ 07:03 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Buying directly from importers
i could agree with you on a lot of things warwick, greed is destroying the world.
there is fine line between making money and being greedy.
im happy to pay little more for good service or understand that its good to keep local people employed but then there's greed.

LEE has a really good business model, they sell direct to the retailer no local importer, you can buy direct from LEE but the prices are so good for there retailers that it normally cost customers more to buy direct from LEE then from there local shop.

i was talking to a retailer that supplies forestry gear one year at the field days, he was one of the biggest retailers for a local manufactures gear.
he was talking to a guy that was the head of a training institute about supplying gear for around 300 trainees.
in walks the manufacturer hears the conversation offers to supply the guy direct at a better price then he was selling to the retailer.
well the manufacturer shot himself in the foot the retailer no longer sells any of his product and the manufacturer is really struggling to survive now.

business is about looking after people, its just a shame that the people that look after there customers the most don't always get the financial rewards they deserve
13 Nov 2015
@ 08:42 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Buying directly from importers
Agreed Thomas. If you step back and look at our systems they're self serving. If you get $100 wages $30 goes as income tax 30% then everything you buy with the remaining $70 has 15%GST So there goes another $10.50! That's $40.50 the government has taken back from me! !!!!! Then we have to pay road user taxes and license fees. Rates etc over half of my earnings get sucked back into the gravy jug!
Imagine if you're at a restaurant your plate of food arrives at the table it's steak,eggs and vegetables. Yummy . Now a person rolls up and scrapes 45% of your meal into the taxes bucket and walks off with it. How does that make you feel ?
We're the perfect slaves ripe for their picking. We are farmed like sheep. The average human being can't see it though because they're too idiwinked by all the distractions of modern day living.
I bet the Romans didn't sit in the coliseum cheering at the lions ripping open a gladiator whilst stuffing their faces and regurgitating to make room for MORE! Ever dreamed that their mighty empire would fail, die and turn to ruins?
Ewe watch. As a species we'll Amuse ourselves to death!
It's not hard to be intelligent,think and care. It's way easier to be dumb! Ya just do nothing....
Anyway I am going to stay small and below the radar. Sit back and enjoy the "Greatest show on earth. Our last hurrah!
We'll all drive our racing car's n eat our last few jars of Caviar we'll do as we're told. Get brought and be sold?
Then with no tears to cry and no feelings left..... our species will have amused itself to death?
I could be wrong? John Lennon might walk up out of the water and with the power of Imagine! create a fair and equal world of peace love and light? Time life magazine will have books " THE WORLD AT PEACE" and an Atomic Bomb will be a hippies environmentally friendly VOLKSWAGEN. .......



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