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Any of You Tough Guys Do Yoga?

12 Jul 2021
@ 01:42 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

The older I get the more I realize how important flexibility is as compared to strength, etc. It's just important. I've begun to stretch daily but I don't do it in a necessarily an organized manner.

I don't want to go to some strip mall Yoga Mom but we don't have too many zen masters around here. Any thoughts? Critiques? Suggestions?


13 Jul 2021
@ 03:39 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Any of You Tough Guys Do Yoga?
Appreciate the humours Subject line. Haha.
I tried yoga classes to repair various body damage. Like being in a friggin daycare with whining people. I have a low tolerance for whining. Zero. So that didn't work.
Accidentally-pun intended- listening to a CBC interview 7 years past of a former ballet (artist?) that appeared on PBS for a number of years, I'm told, leading a stretching program. She was promoting a book titled "Aging Backwards". Purchased the book. Worth the money but what is best is the Aging backwards DVD. It is the cheapest - least expensive - offering from this ladies corporation. Yeah. She has done well. 4 sessions with approximately 7 or 8 routines per session. 22 minutes per routine. It will stretch you from your toes to your neck.

Required 6 months to regain mobility with this program and loose the left leg limp that physio never attained. Hip is now pain free. Regained left arm mobility and strength. Left hand index finger and thumb were weak from a cut -wrist to thumb - (a gusher) and now have dexterity and strength.
I've added three weight bearing exercises. Shoulder press - Bench press - Dead lifts. Picked up a used set of weights, bar, rack and bench for $200. You don't need an Olympic bar. A 20 pound bar is adequate. For correct technique purchase Starting_Strength_3rd_edition. Using correct hand technique on the bar has assisted in left hand rehab. Add pull ups and chin ups.

Go for the DVD that is tutored by Amanda Desmond White. Yu can purchase DVDs with the young ones wearing stretchy white garb but hey if that's your pleasure have at er. I would not want to stand in front of Amanda and piss her off. You would be on the ground holding your self. Haha . She made the DVD at the age of 68. She is quick.

Determination! I'm all for assisting those that want to help themselves.
22 Jul 2021
@ 03:12 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Any of You Tough Guys Do Yoga?
How are those YOGA classes working??
22 Jul 2021
@ 10:44 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Any of You Tough Guys Do Yoga?
Went to physical therapy and got some stretches from a pro! Doing a lot better.
10 Aug 2021
@ 08:40 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Any of You Tough Guys Do Yoga?
Yes I have physio every week for a back and sholder issue. Loosing weight and getting better core strength is helping. I have found that lying on my back and breathing in thru my nose, filling my lungs to maximum capacity and then holding it and forcing inside ribs and upper inner back muscles to stretch for as long as possible. Then breathing out pushing all the air out of my lungs. Really relaxed all muscles and tendons and often I get popping and releasing of the tension. It feels so bloody good..... apparently it stretches the Vegas nerve and does other beneficial things

24 Sep 2021
@ 09:49 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Any of You Tough Guys Do Yoga?
Not sure about tough after reading Nathans book but I do about 20 minutes of rolling around on the ground like I am doing yoga every morning and it holds my trick back together for sure. Doesn't take 2-3 days of missing it and I am gimping up.


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