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17 Jul 2020
@ 05:37 am (GMT)

Richard Butler

New Zealanders are going to vote on 2 issues, one is legalizing recreational use of cannabis and the other is assisted dying for people with terminal illnesses. I would like to know peoples opinion on both issues. Will legalizing cannabis cause degradation of our society or otherwise? Is assisted dying open to abuse?


17 Jul 2020
@ 08:29 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Referendums
Pot: A source of taxation revenue. The criminals are focused on powders that have addiction and low bulk.
Assisted death: Will become a huge market when correctly managed by advertising a peaceful journey. The Swiss have been in the market. Why not an alternative vendor?
17 Jul 2020
@ 08:40 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Referendums
Hi Richard, right off the bat, I want to say that cannabis does not fit my physiology. I don't enjoy it, I don't use it.

My personal concern around cannabis is twofold.

The first, is that I am hearing a great deal of complaints locally concerning the use of P among young people. I found this surprising considering that cannabis used to be so very common here (rural Taranaki). So I asked about and was told that nobody is growing it anymore because 'the cops pull it and its much easier to get P'. I have been monitoring this for some time, mostly out of concern for Riley as she heads towards her late teens. Also, I don't like what I am seeing regarding the young men, the negative dis-associative behavior with an increase in gang activity.

In days gone by, we had some recreational cannabis users and a handful of cannabis abusers in our community (just the same as alcohol). Now we have many P users which are I think for all intents and purposes are to be considers abusers no matter how much they are using.

Of the two potential abuses, I would prefer to see young people able to access cannabis. I believe that if we do not open up these taboos, the young will continue to find other more harmful substances. The kids are looking for any kind of escape from the social issues that are being pushed onto them. They will regardless of any laws made, find ways to take a mental holiday or create mental space. The government is all too willing to fund substances like Benzos and SSRI's which have been linked directly to suicide, homicide and especially mass murders (episodes of psychosis) along with an average reduced life expectency of up to 20 years which is possibly far worse than tobacco related illness.

This leads into my second concern - the stalling of medical progress. The taboos around cannabis and also DMT containing substances may be halting our medical development. If we can take a mature approach to how we look at these substances, it will allow an advancement in research. There is evidence to support the curative effect of some of our taboo substances. SSRI's and benzos are on the other hand non-curative. SSRI's are for example, based on a theory or model of an unbalanced brain. But it has been proven over and again in recent years that the brain will always seek some form of homeostasis as a reaction to outside stimuli and that if anything, it is the SSRI's which create major imbalances.

I believe that researchers need to be supported as they look into such products as CBD and how these interact with the natural cannaboids within our own central nervous system. But above all, I think it is important that we find medicines that work in a holistic manner or to put it simply, substances which allow space for a person to grow and find happiness, rather than to suppress emotions leading to an inevitable collapse.

As for assisted death, we have put down two dogs and my cat over the last year or so via injection. I held all three of them in my arms as the vet injected them. It was painful and upsetting for me, I loved them so very much. But having them continue to live would have been cruel.

The whole point of a democracy is freedom of choice. I cannot speak for others on this matter, I am not experiencing a debilitating illness so why should I dictate how much discomfort others should endure. The choice should be theirs and not based on our own self centered fear based (of being sent to hell) ideologies.

For many folk, had they been left to their own devices, they would have died long ago. It is the medical system which keeps many people alive unnaturally (assisted). To say that assisted dying is suicide and therefore a sin, is to neglect this fundamental consideration.

When someone you love is dying, there is no judgement, only love. The pain of their death cannot be removed, you will have to face it one day, one way or another. That pain is yours, it reminds you that in the end, love is all that really mattered.

I don't like the thought of 'putting people to sleep'. But its not about me or what I like or dislike.


Regarding SSRI's etc:

Regarding CBD in NZ:

Regarding quality of life and love:
18 Jul 2020
@ 07:31 pm (GMT)

Richard Butler

Re: Referendums
The assisted death restrictions seem to be restrictive enough but 'unbearable suffering' is still a judgement call. As for cannabis as far as I know it can be addictive but so can many other things, legal and illegal and any of them may have a destructive overall effect. There appears to be no consistency that I can see. I have often thought that an addict should be viewed as ill rather than criminal and the drug should be prescribable to remove the need to fund the habit and some of the associated criminal behavior. Ultimately though cannabis is used fairly commonly anyway and any law can be retracted if it proves to be no good. Still I am unclear but cannabis does seem to have good points as well as bad. Thanks Nathan, I did not even know of CBD.
18 Jul 2020
@ 08:06 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Referendums
Its a hard one for me.
Ive spent many many hours going over it in my mind.
smoked a little weed as a teen,it was easy to get BUT never smoked weed I didnt watch rolled as had been told by someone in the know just how easy it is to lace it with harder drugs to "hook" someone into harder stuff....I ASSUME P is being salted into hooch in this way
for last 10 years P has been easier to get than Im told... do not partake myself ,drive for living and get my kicks out of life itself...heck a box of beer lasts me months.must be getting old.
I will be ticking NO on weed...dont like the side effects and seen too many with mental issues linked back to it over the years...that and the whole driving/working while stoned minefield....

as for end of life...that even harder,being a man of faith its really tabboo BUT I agree a person should be able to opt out if terminal
far better to be able to do so with a tablet or needle rather than crossing white line infront of a truck and causing the heart ache that will give driver of other vehicle ...
I will be voting yes on that one

as for WHO will I vote for...simple ACT as I believe Mr Seymore needs/deserves the support of the WHOLE firearms community and with Nichole in 3rd place on their list its a very good way to try to get better out come than current bunch of muppets.
19 Jul 2020
@ 08:47 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Referendums
Yes I hear you Mike, we have all worked with some kid (or man) who can't get his ass out of bed and into work on time because of his cannabis habits, or is too unreliable or unsafe to work with. How many of us have been on a line job or some such, seen a guy puffing away and then suddenly you discover he's the driver for the day. No fun. I worked with one kid who was so stoned that when asked to grind out and polish a weld seam, he just ground in one spot and cut clean through the milk tanker we were working on. That kind of BS really annoys me, as does our local 'wise men' who spend most of their time regaling pointless conspiracy theories. So I get what you are saying.
19 Jul 2020
@ 09:24 am (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Referendums

Having lived in a small Coromandel town for many years prior to where I am now, I know what damage weed can do. I also have a twin brother who smoked alot of it in his younger years & I saw how it affected him at the time & permanently changed him.

To me its the social harm it causes not just physical like safety risks etc. The paranoia is highly damaging in small communities. Their paranoid driven actions & idle gossip damages people livelihoods & relationships.

Yeah pot heads in my experience are alos highly unreliable, forgetful, unmotivated childish people. But to me its the bullshit they talk that does the most damage.

I have seen people get agro on weed too. So to me its a myth that people only become mellow when stoned.

P is another thing & scares the crap out of me in terms of what it does to people.

Assisted dying;

Man, I find this one a really hard one to make a call on & still can't decide which side of the fence I'm on with this one.

20 Jul 2020
@ 05:17 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Referendums
Richard Butler

My initial response to your post was quick. I was taken aback with disbelief of the posted question of " Degradation of Society ". Actually laughable in my life experiences. There are greater issues crushing down on " Society ".

Not knowing your age, life experiences, etc. contains further topic expansion but you later state " cannabis does seem to have good points as well as bad ". Good to have an open thought process about the "Drug Culture" and why it exists.
The demonizing of " marijuana " in the 1930s, began with one of the first media driven propaganda movies, the classic, "Reefer Madness". At the time J Edgar Hoover, Asslinger and alcohol moguls were eliminating their competitors. Looking at the degradation of society from alcohol is painfully obvious BUT it is a legal drug.

The potential benefits of a forward thinking society to consider legalization of a " soft " drug may further lead to " safe and clean " injection sites for the truly disadvantaged addicts. The burden placed upon the medical system and law enforcement within the existing laws is a waste of valuable resources. They mop up the disadvantaged. The LEOs are being utilized as metal health workers in crisis situations usually involving drug addled minds. This includes " legal " pharmaceuticals.

Unfortunate for society is the prison system. In the USA and a few select locations in Canada the prison system is operated as a profit centre. 60% of the inmates are doing time due to DRUG related charges. It would be great if the police were not wasting their time being morality enforcers for the masses believing that we are being kept " safe " by arresting the drug addicts.

I champion assisted dying. Yes it can be abused. You can't change the world.

Interesting topics though requiring further discussions after researching and digesting how certain cultures move forward with improving their society. Nothing is perfect or ever will be with homo sapiens. The " Greed " factor is ever present.
20 Jul 2020
@ 06:44 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Referendums
Re pot: I’m like Nathan - I don’t like the shit, personally, but I have many friends, responsible people, who have been smoking it since the late 60s/early 70s with no deleterious effects on their careers or families. So legalization is a no-brainer (no pun intended). The US approach is, much like its approach to covid-19, haphazard. Several states have legalized it, but it’s still classified with heroine on the federal list of illegal “controlled substances.” The Obama administration “defunded the police” by prohibiting the federal government from spending a penny on enforcement of the federal law in states where it had been legalized. The Trump administration did not follow suit, but you still never hear of them cracking down on the industry in states where it’s legal. The irony is that, in states where it’s legal, the pot business operates entirely in cash. The banking system is regulated by federal law, so banks risk charges of aiding and abetting a federal crime or money laundering if they choose to do business with marijuana-related ventures. So the feds have to rely on the honor system if they want to audit the industry for federal income tax purposes. Here in Eugene, Oregon, where it’s legal, there’s a lab that tests for the presence of insecticides and other poisons in the legally-marketed products, so, if you like the stuff, you know what you’re getting. NZ’s approach will be more sensible, no doubt, if it’s voted in.
20 Jul 2020
@ 10:52 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Referendums
The cannabis trade in Canada is operated under the auspices of the federal government, with enforcement and distribution being in the hands of the provincial governments. Just like alcohol, there are government outlets as well as privately owned storefront operations. I'm not really sure which came first in this case, the desire to cash in on the huge amounts of money generated ($6B annually in BC alone), or the thought of reducing the amount of federal tax money spent on the prosecution and incarceration of these nefarious people.

I don't have any quotes or numbers for success or failure, they are probably all manipulated anyway, depending on who's telling the story. What appears to have happened is that the grow-ops have pretty well gone by the wayside. Individuals can now grow their own. No need to buy it on the street. Again, no numbers, but this had to have hurt the drug trade. After all, why would you buy a $300 ounce, when you can grow a pound for about the same amount.

There use to be a saying that smoking pot makes you stupid. It doesn't. You were stupid to begin with.

Medicinally, the active ingredients are very beneficial. They helped my mother-in-law get through some of the worst physical pain a person can endure. They helped me get through the during and after affects of chemotherapy. More and more medicinal uses are being recognized now that the labs and research facilities don't have to worry about being busted.

It makes one wonder why a government would be so afraid of one indigenous plant.

Cannabis and alcohol are treated the same in Canada in regards to the impaired driving, boating laws. We are slowly headed to zero tolerance. Not sure why they have to phase it in. Zero is zero. Nobody says you can't indulge, just don't drive. Pretty simple. But there are some pretty stupid people out there.

20 Jul 2020
@ 10:53 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Referendums
I forgot to ask: what is this "P" that is mentioned?
20 Jul 2020
@ 03:20 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Referendums
P =Methanphedimine ...nasty shit that is VERY VERY ADDICTIVE... mind altering in ways the hippies of the 60s would baulk at by all accounts....can keep people awake for days and fits of paranoia are normal....
I dont have issue with medicinal cannabis....BUT if you legalize it pot heads will be smoking it and driving around...
back in previous life I drove a forklift for a living,working in close quarters to guys sorting heavy cartons.....hard yakka,and tight maneuvering of machine with very expensive cargo on forks had to be very careful after smokos as the boys would head round back and toke up large on big greasy hooter...thier reaction times were shocking afterwards and they would walk across path of moving machine....
I drive large truck for living now...the last thing I want is dopeheads on the road doing dumb stuff putting us all at risk.
its hard enough now to have drug free staff without making it worse...untill they work out how to test if its in system quickly and put in guidelines it is a fustercluck waiting to happen.
20 Jul 2020
@ 10:57 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Referendums
Thanks, Mike. They just call it "meth" here.

The company I drive for has implemented strict guidelines on usage and testing. They use an oral swab that can detect the minute residual amounts. Again, zero tolerance is the key.
21 Jul 2020
@ 04:38 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: Referendums
I think most people like to believe their own perspective is balanced. Here's my nickel's worth attempt at balance.

Having seen children living in worse conditions than local livestock because their parents stay stoned all the time I have little willingness to go along with the idea that marijuana is completely harmless and all efforts at limiting/eliminating it are driven by corporate greed or religious paranoia. But (in the interest of balance) I do think we should encourage and accommodate the development of its use for legitimate medical purposes. I've worked for over a decade now as a chaplain in the prison system and 85% of felons in my state have a drug history on record. Over 95%, in my personal experience talking with them, will state that drug use played a role in them committing a felony. The notion that legalizing drugs will eliminate or lessen criminal behavior is stupid. People on drugs do not act more rationally or ethically. I do think some of our laws in this area are misguided and I do recognize that substances are not the big enemy - addiction is. And you can be addicted to virtually anything. My working definition of addiction has become "That for which you will neglect, deprive, jeopardize, or harm those you claim to love." Lots of people are addicted to things that are legal and even encouraged. Anyway, soap box for another time...

Death and dying... what good could possibly come from opening the door to government regulation of death? I don't know the verbiage of the proposed measures in New Zealand so I can't speak to specifics and I may be missing an important point. I think the right of an individual to not be kept alive by chemicals and machines should be protected. But opening the door for someone to make a business of initiating death (if that's on the table) is abhorrent to me. Various governments have done it in a variety of ways throughout history, always pretending that this time it's humane and will be handled responsibly. Please don't think I speak from some ivory tower on this. I have set with the dying many times, been present at the moment of death a handful of times. No government is capable of caring for that moment. No business should be trusted to manage it. I am a person of faith and I do not pretend objectivity. Life is sacred and the end of it is tragic. I don't believe in keeping suffering people alive unnaturally but I do not believe a government opening the way for people to profit from expediting death can end up having positive effects.

That may not have been balanced at all, I don't know. I sincerely hope and pray that wisdom and decency prevail in upcoming decisions in New Zealand. I acknowledge that I am not the arbiter of wisdom and decency and may be wrong all the way around. My personal and completely biased opinions on Richard's two original questions are 1) Degradation may not be accelerated but increased access to cannabis will not lessen any drug-related problems. I have no idea if benefits might outweigh the cost - I'm doubtful. 2) Most certainly.
21 Jul 2020
@ 05:39 am (GMT)

Richard Butler

Re: Referendums
This link will give you the wording of the referendums.
I have read the discussion on both subjects and discussed them at work and home.
For assisted dying the most significant thing that has surfaced is that it is already happening. If someone is terminal and in terrible pain just keep ramping up the morphine and eventually the morphine will cause death rather than the disease. It seems to be the decent thing to do, leaving someone to suffer too much pain with failing spirit and health is cruel.
For legalizing cannabis there seems to be no doubt that abuse can destroy lives but it is not the case for everyone. The drug abuse will happen regardless of the legal status of the drug. My thought is that if the drug is mainstream then we all own the issues it creates. If it remains illegal then the issues are the province of the police, the courts, the health system, the victims and the users. If there is a solution I cannot see it there.
21 Jul 2020
@ 07:12 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: Referendums
Thank you for the link, Richard. It certainly gives me a better understanding of the intent of each measure. The first questions they prompt for me are 1) do New Zealanders feel the goal of limiting or eliminating illegal marijuana production and distribution would be achievable through this measure? 2) What does the NZ medical community feel about the end of life choice proposals? The role of doctors and nurses seems extremely difficult, but it's a difficult field as things stand.
22 Jul 2020
@ 07:24 pm (GMT)

Richard Butler

Re: Referendums
Obviously I cant speak for anyone else Joshua but if legally produced cannabis is cheaper than illegally produced cannabis then I would think the illegal stuff would be priced off the market. I also expect that the police would be less concerned about illegal production anyway. What I would hope is that people would not gravitate to meth so much. In any case thanks to all who have posted, that was very worthwhile. Hearing from people who live where cannabis is legal was one thing I was after and it was enlightening.
23 Jul 2020
@ 04:47 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Referendums
If you paid all the money for a License to legally grow Dope.

You'd expect the police to burn and destroy every last illegal stalk grown.
The Legalization of recreational Dope will legalize the smashing of any Illegal sales or commercial competition! Read the way these legislation's are written and the meaning of the words used?
Don't be surprised if legalization, puts the price of legal weed medicines way up and the buying or trading in Illegal weed or processing into medical oil etc becomes an even bigger crime than it was before?
Money making and Taxes is whats behind every one of these new doings...... I don't do drugs including Alcohol...... Drunk people drive me nuts...... I hate being anywhere near them......Thanks to working with gold miners overseas..... Drunk and loud all night... Hungover and bloody useless the next day..... at least if they blow numbers at the test they get fired......

The end of life Assisted death should be left for the patient and the Doctor to decide!.... everyone else can keep out.......
The Doctors need a system to protect them and their Patients..... from the rest of the herd and their opinions?
I bet that some Uncommon Sense would sort it out..... Who sells Sense these days??? maybe a Sense app???

Take care all and choose wisely
30 Jul 2020
@ 02:07 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Referendums
More thinking resulted in these thoughts and surmisings......

P is the drug Methamphetamine, It is a potent central nervous system stimulant that is mainly used as a recreational drug and less commonly as a second-line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity.

As for the Original posts questions........ Well!!! It's Time for another one of them courageous conversations........So this is what I think......

What's so wrong with our societies that citizens Think and feel so "Board" downtrodden, valueless, trapped and underappreciated!!!! That they'll risk death using chemicals, to induce a fake sense of happiness????WTF

We live on the most amazing planet. Part of the solar system, A big electro magnetic engine driven by the sun......... It has provided life giving opportunities for hundreds of thousands of years, for hundreds of thousands of species up until the beginning of mans making of "The wheel"??? In the space of a few thousand years the delusional greed of ONE SPECIES "MAN" has sacked the planet and is sending the Earth into a cesspit state of damage! A small minority of greedy at the top. With "The means, the will, the money, no immediate effects for their selfish actions and ideals. Have forced the rest of Mother earths species, into the mincer of consequences from their Delusional choices.....And this leads to people escaping from their human experience.... Into a cloud of drowsing smoke, pickling their brains n livers in alcohol!!! Snorting powders and injecting shit into their one and only vessel of life! For an escape from reality....... Drugs Lead them to no place good? But stops them from fighting for the earth against the The Once-ler selling his mind dumbing Thneeds....
I have worked in the Mining industry and witnessed drunken fuckwits destroy themselves and anything n everything around them with no care or apology for doing so!!!
Just like the Ghouls at the top poisoning the Earth, for their blind selfish gains. Getting drunk to escape from the daily grind is kinda the same............. So until we look at ourselves as part of an amazing equation that is Life on Earth and we start to add to its wonderment rather than destroy its balance, we are the problem!!!! Not the Drugs, pollution or poverty..... No It's the divisions between races, Places, Faces and thoughts!!!! All of our human activities are divided by division..... It is our acceptance of unacceptable situations of imbalance that leads to the current mess..... we're shooting ourselves.....

"Its end of life but knot as we know it"
When I was 13. I heard John Lennon's song "Imagine" I heard those words, I was old enough to comprehend the songs message!
It has ever-since perplexed me as too why people are so thick! and useless? Not standing up for whats right and just for all and not just some?

How people get Idiwinked into believing in fairy tale stories. Rather than truthful facts based on truthful fact? If you fall over the side of the cliff.... Gravity will smash you into the ground below.... Rather than an imaginative deity!!! punishing ewe for not being a good Fool lower of their fairy tail myths..... that serve their gain and increase your earth bound pain?
Look at every species on earth except for Man! And they accept their lot.... Life is hard and fools beware! The Apes have some of our callous traits and kill for power but they risk being killed in return? The stakes are even because everyone in the clan has teeth and claws.....
Making Minds Less Well Educated Than Our Own.... Is a crime weather done intentionally or neglectfully. Our species ability to learn and rise to any challenge..... could and should be used to the betterment of the whole Earth not just some of our divided and fooled groups of enslaved people..... Slavery is alive and well. Mortgages, loans, taxes, Money, believe systems, regulations and any limitations to your our activities are a form of enslavement...... If we educated all children male and female to the highest levels and in the areas and trades that they have a joy for we could really get the species of man working in unison with the earth and her amazing ways of balance to build a great and amazing future......
Will we? Should we? Can we?????? If we don't we're on a slow "Hiding to nothing"......... To you who say. It will never happen and that I'm dreaming! You need to Look up and Look ahead. Raise your expectations of the accuracy of you and your fore-cestors joy and quality of life. Pay it forward, Lead not follow.......
Are your views for life the same as The Once-ler....... He was a greedy industrialist who cut down all of the beautiful, multi-colored Truffula Tree to make a peculiar garment known as a Thneed, 'a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need'..........

And as for

Choice of life??? If you want to end your life because of pain and suffering that's your choice.... Their should be a system in place to allow this. A lie detection test for all involved and the death penalty for anyone if you are found to have coerced someone to end their one and only life!!!! Then again
Maybe not.
It's your life and you can do with as you wish...(FREE WILL). Take drugs, drink alcohol, crash your car..... Just don't expect an ambulance to come and save you? Why should society clean up after your stupid choices......Maybe then your type will realize that bad choices have bad consequences........
Anyhoot... Here's a song for you all to enjoy! And maybe Just Maybe you'll feel this songs message...... We're more than sand on the sea shores...We're more than numbers????? Everybody now Wake up and live!!!!

Wake Up And Live
Bob Marley, The Wailers Band

One, two, three, four!
Wake up and live, y'all
Wake up and live!
Wake up and live now!
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Life is one big road with lots of signs
So when you riding through the ruts
Don't you complicate your mind
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy!
Don't bury your thoughts
Put your vision to reality, yeah!
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We're more than sand on the seashore
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Life is one big road with lots of signs, yes!
So when you riding through the ruts
Don't you complicate your mind
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy!
Don't bury your thoughts
Put your dream to reality, yeah!
all together now (wake up and live, y'all)
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(Wake up and live now!)
(Wake up and live!)
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Bob Marley / Anthony Davis / Sangie Davis

14 Aug 2020
@ 09:25 am (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Referendums
Response to Mike D.

Yeah P is very worrying to me. It is so common now. I have recently seen a sales rep (for engineering products we specify in our design work) that was so agitated & hypo in our meeting that I am certain he was on it. Coffee simply doesn't do that & his behaviour & how the aggressive way interacted with us just did not add up. I notice that this guy has now been laid off as part of the Covid thing... & in talking to that company, I am one of many that were concerned about what this guy may have been on.

I see you drive trucks. I have heard from a truck driver that P is commonplace there now too as it wires them so much that they can stay awake for really long periods. That's flipping scary.

Josh M

I agree with all you have said & I think your perspective is informed & balanced.

From what I have seen & experienced, some people that smoke week often dabble in other drugs. I think that weed often leads to other addictions, & some like P are pretty damned serious in the damage they cause in peoples lives.

15 Aug 2020
@ 04:31 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Referendums

All I know about meth is encapsulated in “Breaking Bad” which they filmed here in Albuquerque. It is a vicious plague.

And yes, Nathan, I’ve personally known many habitual marijuana users in my life from the 1960s to now. It was obvious that it changed people’s energy and concentration and that these effects were long lasting and in many cases were permanent. Some came to act in a psychotic manner. Unpredictable and sometimes dangerous.

Other people showed no ill-effects.

I never touched the stuff or any other recreational drugs. I don’t care for alcohol either.

The only reason I see to legalize pot is to stop ruining young people’s lives and futures with an arrest and criminal record.

In this new digital world, no reputational stain or indiscretion will ever be expunged or forgotten.

Computers and the Internet are destroying our world. It will get worse.



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