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Was it worth the time and trouble?

14 May 2020
@ 09:29 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

A brand new Rem 700, 300WM, with what I thought was an almost perfect bore. For sure, it was a slow fouler. I am somewhere around the 380 or so round count, using SSTs, and still almost zero copper. On a whim, I loaded up some 208 A-MAXs, shot off some pressure test shots and wouldn't you know it....the precious copper finally showed up. SST too hard? Maybe. Don't care now. Switched to the A-MAX. Made up some development loads and went to the range today.

Throughout the history of this rifle, no matter the load, bullet, seating depth, etc., I've always gotten two holes tight and one "flier". Change this, change that, change everything. No different. Same grouping. OK, it has to be me. Read everything again. Rifle is good. Read more. Ammo is good. Read more. Shooter....not so much. Start to really pay attention to that Kiwi voice in my head.

It's been ten months working with this rifle. Mind you, the winter was a bitch, so not much shooting getting done. Went when I could, but no where near enough.

Almost a year of frustration and confusion. And still, the same results. Two tight, one flier.

This is bullshit, I'm thinking. I know this rifle is good. I know the ammo is good. I have to make me good. To this end, I now need to thank Nathan and Steph, and all the input from you guys, for the results below. And the answer to the title question: F*cking A it was worth it.

Thanks to all who helped.


14 May 2020
@ 02:29 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Was it worth the time and trouble?
Sorry for the lack of resize. If Nathan or Steph can delete the pic, I will resize and repost it. Thanks
16 May 2020
@ 03:26 am (GMT)

Magnus Vassbotn

Re: Was it worth the time and trouble?
Very nice group Paul! It is always satisfying when a difficult rifle finally does as it's supposed to. Always worth while. But even when it doesn't work out, it is useful. After all the frustration is history, it's all valuable lessons. Kinda like mandatory military service..
17 May 2020
@ 05:28 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Was it worth the time and trouble?
Nice work, Paul. Your persistence proved it was neither you nor the rifle!


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