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Out there idea's

21 Mar 2020
@ 07:22 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

I'm aware this may sound crazy and stupid but people are dying so I don't care! I'm going to run it past the bullshitometer here.
Is it possible to remove seats from longhaul jets and turn them into internationally mobile field hospitals, there's going to be an abundance of them parked up on the tarmac and it may be possible to turn them into an oxygen rich environment easily? While not a ventilator and healhcare expert numbers are still an issue they could work in groups, healthcare, catering and accomodations?

Told you it was out there but that's what happens when you sit there having a beer trying to solve the world's problems!


22 Mar 2020
@ 01:48 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Re: Out there idea's
What an innovative idea! On ABC, Australia, there is a Dr. Norman Swan. He does a weekly health report. I'll bet if anyone would be open to this idea this gentleman would be the one to answer.

I listen to his reports on CBC at 0330. My sleep habit? Or lack of sleep habit has me wandering around at all hours. Too many years of catching small snippets of shuteye while meandering around the planet.

Reach out to him!


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