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Who Owns New Zealand Now? Documentary

05 Feb 2020
@ 11:43 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Analysis of the New Zealand housing crisis and solutions to it by award winning documentary maker Bryan Bruce


06 Feb 2020
@ 10:23 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Who Owns New Zealand Now? Documentary
Wow! Thanks for posting that, Warwick. It makes a difficult socioeconomic issue understandable to someone who doesn't understand "the dismal science" (me for example.). The homelessness crisis in California has received some national news attention in the US recently. Here in Eugene, Oregon, the problem is obvious - tent camps on the river banks and grassy areas along the roadways. Trump's response to CA's problem? Fix it or I'll cut off federal funds you are entitled to by law - because the majority in CA didn't vote for him. In his mind, the problem is not that homeless people, families, can't afford housing - rather, that their presence sullies and devalues the properties of those who can. He has neither the compassion nor the mental capacity to comprehend the problem, let alone propose a fix. (To his credit, I agree with his stance on the 2nd Amendment.) I wish your video had made the headlines here. Interesting that the director didn't interview any US academics, but attributed the US's contribution to the cause in the Reaganomics clip.


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