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Public Meeting in Greerton, Tauranga with National Party.

05 Dec 2019
@ 10:23 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

A reasonable turnout of firearms owners & users (around 300?) at the public meeting with Simon Bridges, Brett Hudson & Todd Muller at the Greeton RSA in Tauranga. I did not notice one single anti gun lobbiest.

It looks like the semi auto ban will stay whatever the govt, with the possible exception of pest control & competitive users if National are elected next election. So at least a straight answer there if nothing else.

I made several points to the Politicians, in particular Simon who was addressing matters at the time as follows;

1. Given that the results of the Royal Inquiry into how the Police vetted Tarrant etc are not yet know, how & why should legislative change even be considered when no body is fully informed yet to consider or make any decisions around legislative change. The reply was that that was a very valid point.

2. National also stated some time ago that they wanted to see a sound business study justifying firearms registration before they would support registration of firearms. To many of us that sounds like National are sitting on the fence, as much as a sound business case is unlikely to be possible for labour to provide. To that Simon said that National does not/will not support firearms registration whatsover.

Well, what do you believe?




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