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A Shooting range Experience

30 Nov 2019
@ 10:20 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

Arrive at the range yesterday with one fella at a bench with a 30-06 jumping around on the bipod on every shot fired.
I'm done in two minutes after setting the target as I'm checking accuracy after the previous days rifle thumping about on the quad.

The fella has taken a break and remarks he is returning the scope as it is not not accurate.
I ask permission to go down to the 200 range to remove my target. He joins me in the walk asking if I hunt. Yes I do is the reply.

We stop at his 50 yard target. He now states the grouping is good looking at me questionally. It is OK I state, although the grouping is about 2 inches but comment the accuracy would/could improve if he removed the bipod, used a sling and shot off a softer surface. Mention TBR and Nathan but no lock on of the idea from the fella.

As we walk he states that in his four years of hunting he is successful every year. Shows me a small Whitetail doe photo of this year and last years elk. Now I'm looking real hard at the photo and reply that the photo is of a Mule deer. He blinks a few times and states a "friend" of his has been charged this year with shooting a Mule Deer as he only held a Whitetail tag. He asks me what will be the fine? I reply it depends on how much the wheel has been greased. That his "friend" needs a lawyer to grease the wheel. I tell him about an Alberta MLA that shot an Elk, during archery season, on private property, and was fined only $2500.00 pus a years suspension of hunting privileges. Very lienient fine I state but I cannot state what the legal fees were. He replies that in his country it is also very corrupt and now states his "friend" has paid $2500.00 in legal fees and the court date is set for January.
As I pack up he asks again if I hunt. After a few minutes of time with this individual it was all too apparent his listening retention was limited to a couple of seconds and the mind drifted off.
I know reality can suck and over the years the confirmation that those that live in the past or look to the future for a better lot in life have the greatest difficulties with responsibility. YET they have access to privileges that exceed their capabilities.
Reinforces why I go as remote as possible within my means while hunting to have the illusion of safety. Safety from humans.


30 Nov 2019
@ 05:54 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: A Shooting range Experience


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