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Finally able to get Nathan's books

14 Jul 2019
@ 05:52 am (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Thank you Nathan and Steph for all the work put in to the books, awrsome material. Took me a while to be able to get them buy now I finally got 3 of them and will be getting the rest soon. Tons of material to read now.

Thanks again



15 Jul 2019
@ 10:26 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Finally able to get Nathan's books
Thanks Luis, I do hope you enjoy them.

Writing the books was not easy. Actually none of this has been plain sailing. The easy thing to do would have been to agree with all of the current trends, to go with the flow and with what is considered cool. That seems to be the way to do business these days, drop some names, get sponsors and so forth. I could not think of anything more dissatisfying which I am sure you will agree with as you read on.

If you focus on the fundamentals, then brand names will fall away. When for example a maker brings out a new model rifle, you can look at its internals (action removed from the stock) and gain an immediate understanding of what they were driving at. Was it designed based on cost cutting or is it a true premium design? If you have this basic understanding, all marketing literature will become meaningless. The point of the books is to empower each of you, allowing you to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Thanks again for your kind words Luis.
15 Jul 2019
@ 12:00 pm (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Re: Finally able to get Nathan's books
I've been shooting since I was 4 years old and hunting since I was 6, and I am 43 now. Started learning to reload with my dad when I was 10 and really though I was pretty knowledgeable till I started reading your website, the knowledge base and the threads.

By reading your studies I realized why I did some of the thinks I did when reloading, setting up a rifle, load development, etc, thinks I learned from my dad and I never questioned them but now I know why

I agree with you on not trusting the marketing, and that goes for everything not just bullets or ammo or rifles, but everything, we can only learn by testing and trying it out ourselves.

Thanks again for all the knowledge you've shared and hope your health is better.




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