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update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban

20 Jun 2019
@ 06:20 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi guys details on buy back (can't believed its called that since they never owned them)

its bad really bad, not only is the compensation below market value in my opinion but also if you don't have a firearm licence there's no money so there's no incentive for anyone to hand in black market guns.

and the sneaky bit that got added in today while no one was looking by order council, for most people it's no issue but where will it stop be large caliber ban in future, maybe lead ban to who know's

police association is wanting to ban reloading and put serious tight limits on amount of ammo you can own at one time.


21 Jun 2019
@ 05:09 pm (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban

Something to keep in mind about ammunition . . .

You may have all the shot and powder stocked up,
but it is the primers that are the easiest component to limit and ban.

No more primers, no more boom-boom.
22 Jun 2019
@ 12:16 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
Just make your own!

Or Join the New Zealand Police force or the NZ Army and become a paid State Sanctioned citizen killer? You'll have high capacity Magazines thermal vision scopes and how to kill people training at the NZ SAS Battle Training Facility in Papakura...

The only downside "being" that you can only kill the people that your leaders don't like and ask/tell/order or hire you out to a high paying allied country for you too kill their enemies! The governments got to make some money to pay for your MSSA and ammo.......
The Upsides are that you wont go to jail, Work will buy your guns and ammo for you and you get to shoot your fellow citizens wearing black clothes and a face mask!

22 Jun 2019
@ 07:29 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
Warwick I like to actually shoot firearms so couldn't join the police.

Another update man its getting hard to keep up with everything.
25 Jun 2019
@ 06:03 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
dates for collection events have be released.
people are talking about turning up and doing a silent protest.

my favourite idea so far comes from England where they are banning lever release rifles, which is to paint them all pink with unicorns on them before you hand them in.
be very hard for the media to show how scary these rifles are if they are all pink.

from the police website

Why prohibit semi-automatics specifically?

Semi-automatics have the ability to cause harm in a fast and highly destructive way, and from a distance. The greater the mix of calibre, capacity, and capability, the less the survivability of the injury.
25 Jun 2019
@ 06:25 pm (GMT)

Simon Crowther

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
You should all read this article from Kiwi Gun Blog, this buyback is shaping up to be a disaster.

From one of the experts involved in the KPMG pricing scheme.

What a bloody farce!
01 Jul 2019
@ 05:23 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
Well, it is of course is no surprise... Jacinda promised that she would not increase taxes too... guess what happened with fuel prices today?!?

I think it is wise for owners of semi autos to hold off handing them back as long as you can (within the legislation of course), regardless of these handover events, so that those working on this on your behalf have time to hopefully gain a fairer outcome.

You have a time frame that you must hand in by, so use it.

Whats is COLFO suggesting semi auto owners do?

01 Jul 2019
@ 06:31 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
i would hold off handing anything in or even registering for it.
sounds like the police are going to run the media through mock hand in on the 4th (ironic being independence day) no ones really sure why?
i'm hoping the events have no one turns up to them.

Nicholas Taylor/colfo has released more details on your rights.
if anyone has had issues i would be making ipca complaints and emailing colfo, David Seymour and Chris Bishop about your story

Trying to find out directly from Stuart Nash if shotguns have to be modified so they can't take mag extension in the future.
think ill be waiting awhile for a reply.

10 Jul 2019
@ 06:27 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
mayor of christchurch calls for a ban on expanding bullets?

once again proving emotions and logic doesn't go together, everyone seems to forget if the shooter hadn't been able to get a firearm legally things would of been different, doesn't matter type of firearm, type of ammo, magazine capacity etc if he hadn't got a firearm licence all of this would of been different.

just a note everything from sling studs to scopes now need import permit, talking to boyd stocks importer, he was saying his import permits have gone from a week turn around to 3 weeks at present and its only going to get worse.

couple other fun articles to come out this week
11 Jul 2019
@ 01:03 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: update on buyback and sneaky ammo ban
Hi Thomas & Co, see my new post re: COLFO's fair & reasonable campaign. Please support their work.




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