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350 legend

06 Feb 2019
@ 01:54 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

oh what a pity Nathan didnt make it to shot show...I can see the viral video clip now "Kiwi gives winchester sales man a dressing down"
what a pile of horse shite the marketing dept are spinning...250 yard deer rifle,for bear.....more power less recoil...and thats just in a 5min interview

to give credit where it is due he did say it was created for the states where straight wall cartridges are allowed......but to then spin it as more that it really is.....
a .223 case base with .357 projectile whoopdefriggindoo
the 450 bushmaster is too much for snow flake jnr so we will dream up something else
there is already a .357 magnum and maximum

maybe the recoil of a .44 magnum is too much for folks and a Ruger semi doesnt have the same tacticool appeal as a black AR but come on folks lets cut the crap and call a spade a
what can this do that any of the above cant do just as well??? then there is .44/40 or indeed the .45/70 and dont try to tell me that boots because I can now state for a FACT that diferent loads make all the difference in the world to that old girl and a 413grn load doing somewhere around 1500fps is quite easy to handle,going a tad slower and it doesnt recoil seemingly at all.

oh well there should be another batch of 2nd hand rifles being sold of cheaply when snowflake sells to buy the newest one.....


07 Feb 2019
@ 07:25 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: 350 legend
winchester 351 auto loader was apparently a VERY similar round and found to be marginal on medium game....
08 Feb 2019
@ 05:45 am (GMT)

Caleb Mayfield

Re: 350 legend
what can this do that any of the above cant do just as well???

I believe the answer is in the area of "Makes sales" until the next legend comes along. Perhaps this will be more Legendary than the WSSM...
08 Feb 2019
@ 03:32 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: 350 legend
Like calling a spade a shovel eh?
09 Feb 2019
@ 12:54 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 350 legend
i took note when i saw this come out as im a 35 bore fan but as soon as i saw the .357 bore i dismissed it, kinder like the 450 bm using the .452 bore.
why they didnt use the valkyrie case and give it a 358 bore and more taper ill never know.
can't see it selling well.
think the ruger 44/77 little 44 magnum bolt action would be my choice for those states in question, but again i don't agree with the rule anyway
11 Feb 2019
@ 07:24 am (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: 350 legend
Nathan didint make it to shot? Never knew! Can you elaborate?
11 Feb 2019
@ 08:34 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: 350 legend
Nathans health was more important than Shot. Nothing to elaborate really. He just had to prioritize putting himself and his family before and above all else! You know like wedding vows and cherishing who and what we need to love?
11 Feb 2019
@ 10:37 am (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: 350 legend
Damn ok thanks, true true. Had visions of him walking shot and waiting for his thoughts on all these new instant gratification rangefinder scopes coming to market, sometimes I just wonder where its all going to finish? Sit at your computer and send a drone hunting? Although I did think sometimes a drone meat recovery service would be the biz, purely to prevent meat wastage through multiday heat.


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