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British Columbian Moosehound

31 Jan 2019
@ 05:44 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Should be ready for first year tracking this fall.


01 Feb 2019
@ 08:57 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: British Columbian Moosehound
There's a keen looking wee Hound. Great news Paul. One of our dogs didn't wake up Wednesday morning She was old and had lived a great life. So your post was a welcome gift. Have fun making memories with your furry friend. Keep safe and warm up there. Looks like your getting Blast frozen while we're getting 98deg days (36C) of heat.....
02 Feb 2019
@ 01:20 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: British Columbian Moosehound
Although we didn't (and rarely) get 36C, we can relate with your heat wave. The last two summers were similar, all heat no moisture.

For whatever reason, this is the winter that wasn't. So far. Yesterday, they put out a weather warning for our area, up to 18" of snow expected overnight. Just looked outside to check, and barely two inches. Dodged another one. We are on the west coast, so more of a marine pattern, mild and wet. Sometimes. It's a mixed bag for sure. Everywhere else in Canada is getting blasted hard. Polar vortex blah blah blah trump blah blah blah. We just call it winter.

Re the above link, I went and took a picture from the north porch that morning, just to record the scene. Went to the south side and took one from there as well. Went back and tried to take another of the north side. Not enough light to expose the frame. Apocalyptic for sure.


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