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New Zealand Firearms License renewal

05 Oct 2018
@ 06:40 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

So I received a letter and forms from the Police
Informing me to renew license OR dispose of my firearms and then to surrender my licence. 35 years ago I sat and passed my firearms license and was issued with a Lifetime license. The same as with my Drivers license. Years passed away and they took back our lifetime licenses and made us pay for its renewal every 5 years. This year's renewal is accompanied with a list of questions that must be answered. First Pay the $126.00 fee
Fill out the renewal forms, pay n provide 2 passport style photos and post to local arms officer. Wait 6 weeks for an interview. Answer the questions correctly to pass the new test. Wait for another number of weeks/months and your aloud to hunt n shoot for another 5 years. What will be the tests comprise of next time around? Rule creep! Just another gentle wind of change that's slowly being implemented by the Armed Constabulary upon the Queens British subjects for the slow reduction of armed citizens. I was reading New Zealand forum posts by other license holders. The delays and drama upsetting many. There is a common opinion that complaining to the Police would attract unwanted scrutiny upon the ones who complain? Rather sad when law abiding citizens fear the law enforcement organization? So I'll be a good little sheeple and obey Masters rulings. ....


07 Oct 2018
@ 04:33 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: New Zealand Firearms License renewal
I share your concerns, Warwick. Recently, I also received my renewal notice. We (in Canada) have never had lifetime licenses, but have to renew on a five year basis. The cost is about half of yours, and the renewal consists of a recent photo, passport size, an application form, and an online submission of information and photo. Done deal. My concerns, and I'm sure they are shared by the whole firearms community, is that we are being punished for the acts of the few (the criminals). Knee-jerk reactions are not the way to implement laws of any sort. More citizens die from the results of drunk driving, whether as the driver or the victim, than by gun violence. Yet, even after conviction, the drinking drivers are allowed to arm themselves and run amok among the innocents. Real fair.


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