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When all your rifles are out of action...

04 May 2018
@ 12:06 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

...due to optics. I have no function rifles at this point I have put the iron sights on the 22 and the scope from the 22 on the 308 until its scope comes back from a warranty claim.

So I guess it will be back to shotgun for the time being!


04 May 2018
@ 02:04 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: When all your rifles are out of action...
Long range shotgunning! What a novel approach. Really, though, not having a rifle at the ready is no fun, at all. I've been there more than once.
05 May 2018
@ 02:09 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: When all your rifles are out of action...
Andrew, there's always the old atlatl if you get really desperate. If you don't mind my asking, what problem did you run into with your optics?
06 May 2018
@ 09:01 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: When all your rifles are out of action...
Hey Josh!

I hope the new one is going well. I had a terrible day shooting, I initially thought it was the loads, then me. Afterwards I was cleaning the rifle and noticed some kind of dust behind the rear lens, as in on the inside of the tube.

I have sent it back for warranty but they tell me it will be at least 3 months which isn't great. Silly me took the scope off my 22 to put on the 308 in the meantime, it's an old NikkoSterling 3-9x40, not quite as expensive as the Sightron lol but out of the 2 of them it's the one that's working, even if it is 16 years older than it. Anyway I digress, the bases didn't fit on the pic rail, I though they would... Iron sights for the 22 for now and a set of rings for the 308 because I want to test my loads.

I hope it comes back much faster and the 3 month thing is a generalised timeframe in case of unforeseen issues.



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