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This sounds like a familiar historical act practiced globally

04 Mar 2018
@ 05:27 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

So we have inherited the mess that our ancestors choices created. Are we responsible for fixing their wrongs? Have we gained privileged positions in society today because of their past actions? Should I shut my cake hole and enjoy the position I have been fortunate enough to be in? How much would you give, sacrifice and go without if it meant for a better future for all? Yeah I know some f#@&wit will not play fair and try to make it work in their favour at another's expense?


29 Apr 2018
@ 04:43 pm (GMT)

John D.Hays - New Mexico

Re: This sounds like a familiar historical act practiced globally
Hi Warwick,

I watched the Lakota (Souix) Youtube video you referenced. I found it a disturbing mix of fact, biased and incomplete reporting, and political-agenda driven propaganda. I am not saying there is not a huge amount of truth there, but have a simple thought question:

In what way could anyone expect a happier outcome when a literal Stone Age people sparsely inhabit a vastly rich continent, and come into contact with an ancient civilization that is far, far more technologically advanced, particularly in the science of war? This is a doomed situation for the disparate tribes and bands of Indians of North America, or anyone, anywhere, else.

I'm sure these Lakota activists would agree with William Faulkner's aphorism that, "The past isn't dead. It isn't even past." Read his Yoknapatawpha County books for an miserable example of wallowing the the "sins of the father." See where that gets you too.

I think one of the wisest bits of advice for life, after suffering a major self-inflicted disaster, is this:

"Don't agonize about what you just did. Done is done. The critical thing is what you're going to do next."


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