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Compulsory hunting insurance for Spain

26 Feb 2018
@ 03:33 am (GMT)

Adam Kolesar

Hi All,
With an international body of knowledge, I'm sure someone will know the answer to my dilemma.
I'm an American citizen in need of obtaining hunters insurance for an upcoming trip to Spain. My outfitter is a smaller operator and doesn't arrange for the insurance. I've tried several European firms, but they only write for EU citizens. The few American firms don't write for the EU. I know there's a solution, I'm just not finding them.
Many thanks.


02 Mar 2018
@ 12:09 pm (GMT)

Marcos García

Re: Compulsory hunting insurance for Spain

Hi Adam,
For hunting in Spain is necessary to take out insurance that is renewed every year, there are several prices, you usually pay the fees in those banks that have contracts with the insurance companies, and the process lasts a short time.

I suggest you to explain in these webs your situation, to see if they can help you.
04 Mar 2018
@ 05:53 am (GMT)

Adam Kolesar

Re: Compulsory hunting insurance for Spain
Thanks Marcos,
This lead looks promising. I've sent an application and am awaiting a response.
Appreciate the advise.
06 Mar 2018
@ 06:17 am (GMT)

Marcos García

Re: Compulsory hunting insurance for Spain
It’s my pleasure,
I hope it helps you and you can solve your problem, I wish you luck in your hunting in Spain.



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