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The joy of intelligent conversation and creation

20 Jul 2017
@ 03:35 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

I stumbled upon a small custom rifle shop in southeast Arkansas a few weeks ago. The owner was a confidently soft-spoken, friendly gentleman. He was a good four inches shorter than me and probably 50 pounds lighter. A couple fellows in his shop were loudly swapping the usual "that 338 Lapua Mag of mine will knock an elephant over at 1,500 yards" BS. The store owner was friendly and polite with everyone, but he seemed to latch onto me and my father, who was with me that day, once I asked a couple questions that were about actions and fine tuning as opposed to hunting groundhogs with a 50 BMG. The gentleman started showing me the rifles he himself had built, explaining some of the subtleties that I might not have noticed myself. His personal deer rifle caught my interest, partly because it's not a rifle I'd build myself or buy. It was a 30 BR built on a Deviant action from Defiance Machine out of Columbia Falls, Montana. While the stock, scope, and caliber combination is not for me, it suits this gentleman, his frame, and his hunting style. We had a really refreshing visit void of boasts and one-upmanship. We discussed and I've continued to think about the simple joy of being able to flesh out a creative impulses, whether it be in form of a rifle build, a knife build, fly tying, carpentry, the written word, cooking, whatever. The joy of creation is something everyone ought to know and many seem to miss out on.

So here's my question: what are some things you fellows would like to create? Two come to mind for me. I'd like to one day develop and experiment with a .296 caliber rifle. I do realize the cost and challenges of such an experiment, but that gap between our .284" rounds and our .308" rounds fascinates me. Secondly, I hope to build a bush plane. Fortunately, there is a great deal more material readily available to draw on for the second idea.


22 Jul 2017
@ 10:59 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
Hi Joshua. It's great meeting People who are real and honest. Wow that Bush plane dream sounds like fun.... Good luck with the .296 project.
23 Jul 2017
@ 11:25 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
Hi Joshua
My gunsmith mate built me a 30BR a few years back, most accurate rifle I've used.
150gn Woodleighs @ 2760fps & see the bullet impact. Great little rifle, my grand kids use it.

If I can afford the materials I want to build a bush hut
23 Jul 2017
@ 08:11 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
sounds like a good guy to talk to Joshua.

i hope to get a lathe and mill to do my own gunsmithing at some stage maybe try and make my own action.

i have an interest in passive/eco house design, i need to move further the south as i don't get to work on any. im in Auckland so they just cram basic houses into new subdivisions here
27 Jul 2017
@ 09:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
A couple of things:

1. I would like to see an NZ made computer chair. Perhaps a forum member could design this (Murfs Metalworx???). I have spent years involved in hard labour. When I stopped to write the book series, I could not handle the sitting position. Now it really gives me hell. There is simply not one single good writing / computer chair in this country, they are all- and I mean all- piles of shit. I can experience the same level of comfort sitting on a clump of bush in a storm. Our chairs are simply primitive. I am about to start over with a stand up work station but I would like to try a laying down position for the days when its raining hard and I just want to write till my fingers are raw. In the U.S, they have the ergo quest chair (lay on your back, laptop above you) but its a big unit and very expensive. I wonder if it would be possible to make a manual / budget variation.

I don't mince around on the computer. I have a solid work ethic. If I am going to sit down to work- I work. Pisses me right off that it is a painful experience. We'll probably crack anti gravity and FTL travel before NZ gets a decent computer chair. Hell, now I have said this out loud, I expect someone will send me a used sex swing chair smelling like lanolin. Great...

2. Regarding creativity. I would possibly like to try writing fiction if I can find some spare time (and a chair that does not feel like a torture device), but its a whole new game for me. I have no idea which genre to choose (action? scifi?), just the occasional "I wonder". Having said this, I do not know how my existing readers would handle a sudden left field move from me. Folk tend to build a certain picture of me with set expectations and so forth. Its just a fact of life. I would not want to change this relationship or disappoint folk.
27 Jul 2017
@ 10:44 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
Warwick, if I do get to take a crack at the .296 bore I will be sure to imitate you photo/video chronicle of Nathan's knife. Can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing your updates.

Bob, forgive the semantic gap - when you say "bush hut" how large/small, plush/primitive are you considering?

Thomas, my brother shares your interests. He's got some intriguing ideas. One that we've seen and he's considering a version of is building walls of ten inch sections of log with the ends exposed, mortar between. Makes for an energy efficient, strong, and visually appealing wall.

Nathan, not that I would ever be such a jerk as to taunt a man, but I got a new desk/computer chair at the office this week. It's pretty sweet. No lanolin smell though. Now that you have hateful feelings toward me, let me add that if you do explore the fiction field I'll buy a copy. I'd regard a venture into fiction as a healthy experiment into new territory by someone who seems to like a challenge.

Take care, Gentlemen. I'm off for a few days to remote rivers with my oldest son. He'll be learning to cast a fly rod and hearing a basic explanation of human reproduction for the first time before some kid at school puts ideas in his head. Two fatherhood milestones in one trip - should be quite a time. Wish me luck.
27 Jul 2017
@ 11:07 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
Hey Nathan.
Because of my back injury, I did some work under a massage table, looking through the hole, laptop underneath on a milk crate while the missus does the massaging. It's hard to convince anyone your working though, sometimes hard to stay awake :)

Joshua, just a primitive, settlers style bush hut, corrugated iron open fire/chimney on the side. White ants are a problem here.
27 Jul 2017
@ 07:55 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
I want to create Australia's first commercial porcini farm. They don't grow in this country except for a few secret locations outside of Adelaide.

This means taking a property and planting a pine forest on it. I've simplified it a fair bit but it would be a big effort. I would like to have it somewhere there are plenty of game too for hunting. It would be a massive lifestyle change but totally worth it. I'm not business minded so it would need a lot of work on my part once it's going.

I'd love to see it be a reality.

31 Jul 2017
@ 07:03 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
Nathan sounds like you need to book a week trip to Blenheim and we can design this magical sex swi I mean chair...
02 Aug 2017
@ 07:43 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
we actually have a picture of Nathan at his standing working station. waiting for his sex swing i mean office chair

might have to take it more literally when you say you have been chained to your computer all week.

on a more serious note my dad was having back issues, the chiropractor gave him some back exercises, explaining that as we sit more, certain muscle loose strength so we have to exercise them to keep our backs strong.
well im useless at doing exercises, ill tweak something get given exercises to do.
i will do it til the pain goes away then i stop then it comes back its an endless cycle, my dad on the other hand is more head strong then me and has been doing his back exercises every morning for must be at least 15 years now and its solved his back issues.

Josh that sounds interesting, we are little bit behind the times here on our houses, we are lucky its pretty mild here as we don't do insulated floor slabs, even most of the aluminium joinery doesn't have a thermal break because people don't want to pay the bit extra for it (plus most of us are just happy to get double glazing)
14 Aug 2017
@ 01:34 pm (GMT)

Guy Miner

Re: The joy of intelligent conversation and creation
Joshua, that was a well written description of a great encounter with a man who clearly knows rifles & hunting.

Thanks, not all hunters are knuckle draggers. Your post shows that. Please consider writing an article for the magazines.

Regards, Guy


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