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NSW Game License

26 Oct 2016
@ 08:25 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hey all,

I'm curious to know if anyone has any experience with the NSW Game License system?

I know they are looking to overhaul the system but to what degree and when could be anyone's guess. The prices are a ridiculous too!

Term Full Concession
1 year $75 $50
2 years $145 $97
3 years $210 $140
4 years $270 $180
5 years $325 $217

At those prices, shooting one deer and taking the meet would more than cover the cost but that is assuming you can actually get to spot with deer, or other animals, no natives of course. Although apparently you can get tags for roos, must be head shot or chest shot front on though.


30 Jan 2017
@ 09:45 am (GMT)

dennis phillips

Re: NSW Game License
Hi Andrew
Expat Kiwi living in NSW. My Son and I hunt Fallow and Red on private land. We need the general game licence which is just a simple on line application. The $75 for the licence is just the beginning of forking out to hunt. We pay $550 each for 2 days to hunt on a property. That's for meat animals only. The good thing is but that the Fallow are everywhere like Goats in the 70'S back home. If you can shoot 200 meters and walk 10 k's your going to do OK. To hunt public land you need a Restricted Licence which requires doing a day course which costs more and then completing on line modules with map, compass, and GPS competency then you have to purchase a GPS and emergency locator.
17 Feb 2017
@ 12:38 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: NSW Game License
Man, can you say nanny state? It's bad here!



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