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Unique Shepard diesel engine

23 Jul 2016
@ 10:34 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

A close friend of mine shared the following with me. It is an NZ made 2 stroke diesel engine that differs radically from others. I thought perhaps a few of you might be interesting in this, it really is quite different.

Unbalanced prototype:

Home page with a balanced (less vibrations) prototype (scroll page down for video):


04 Aug 2016
@ 06:13 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Unique Shepard diesel engine
this is fascinating Nathan takes a while to try and understand how it works.
good old kiwi ingenuity.

i remember seeing it at MOTAT or not sure its still there i haven't been for a while, my wife hates going with me as i read everything from start to finish trying to take in all the info.


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