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New zealand defence force sniper rifle replacement project

22 Jul 2016
@ 06:55 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

looks like our defence force is finally get new rifle in all categories.

maybe i should send a copy of Nathan's rifle book to who ever's in charge.
or maybe they should consult directly with Nathan.

we'll try and keep this bit lighter then the last post.

so being a group of precision shooting enthusiasts.

What would you pick?

being a proud kiwi maybe a barnard action with a trueflite barrel? it would be good to have a new zealand designed and made guns considering the last one from memory was the charlton automatic rifle?


22 Jul 2016
@ 09:05 am (GMT)

Cor Nepgen

Re: New zealand defence force sniper rifle replacement project
Wow Thomas,

I think that would be about as good as it gets... If Nathan and Grant work together on a Barnard action (and perhaps an Apex stock) you have tons of expertise and knowledge as well as all the skills and equipment you could ever need.

I would imagine one of the key advantages in building a military sniper rifle is the amount of "known factors" in that you know only certain standard calibers and ammunition would be used. So you can more or less build a rifle with the chamber and twist optimised for that specific bullet.

I think a rifle built by the collective efforts of these guys are what most of us dream about!

Apart from these more obvious advantages, you also add to job creation and push money into the local industry. The process of development this rifle would go through would add even more knowledge and experience into the mix and really boost the local rifle industry. Apart from perhaps having to cope with an increase in production which is rather challenging on its own I can't see much of a draw back to this..



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